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  • druidh

    There is no such thing as a single, universal fit , disk-compatible rack.

    FWIW, I use a Super Tourist on my Amazon and it has performed admirably.

    The (rather more expensive) Tubus rack and disk brackets I bought would not fit.


    long bolts

    V brake spacers

    any rack you want becomes a disk rack. Important issue is to space out both sides equally or it may rub the tire..


    supertourist was a cheap way of fitting a rack to my fat bike though 😀


    Whereas the Madison rack above fits my Fat bike really well 🙂

    I’d agree with Trail Rat.

    I bought a disc compatible rack of Wiggle a few years back (Lifeline I think?) for a tour of the Western Isles. The disc compatible part was just some longer bolts and a couple of tubular spaces. It’s carried some huge loads since without any problems.

    As I suspected druid, thanks 🙂

    I’m going to have to buy another rack anyway, so it may as well be ‘disc compatible’ from the outset.

    I currently have an old rack bodged to clear my BB7’s on my uncle john. My tempory bodge has lasted 2 years … but won’t last much longer 🙂

    I’d always intended to buy a Topeak Super Tourist disc:

    … which has pronounced stubs to clear the disc caliper.

    I’ve also noticed other, purportedly disc compatible, racks. These don’t seem to have the pronounced stubs, but are a) cheaper and b) slightly less like the forth rail bridge.

    How do they manage to clear the caliper?

    Madison Ridge Disc Pannier Rack


    (There is also the new-ish ‘Topeak Explorer 29er MTX Rack’, which looks OK and uses the same stubs as the super tourist)

    got a super tourist disc rack. works great. being able to fix the topeak ‘trunk-bag’ (shop around) is a major bonus. very handy for lugging water and heavy stuff, keeping your rucsac lighter.

    the 29er specific version looks interesting but lacks the extra side support/ struts of the regular super tourist rack.maybe they’ll homologate the 2 designs for 2013?

    best of luck!


    I’ve got a blackburn disc compatible one on my tourer, but I’ve 26″ wheels on my surly disctrucker. Perfectly happy with it, it doesn’t have the big spacers.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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