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  • ade9933

    Hi – One of my kids is still on his handed-down 24″ wheeled HT bike which is pretty suitable for round where we ride. However, having ridden a fair bit over the winter, he found the limits of his rim brakes a couple times. I know that the newer ones are now made with disc brakes but I’m reluctant to buy a new bike for 1 brake, being a skinflint old-man that I am.

    The forks are fine, he has disc brake mounts but not on the frame.

    I’ve heard that you can buy adapters – does anyone know of such things and where I could get them?


    Premier Icon brassneck

    I’ve always found the adaptors a bit rubbish – being as you’ll probably need new wheels and the brakes themselves 2nd hand ‘new’ bike might not be far off anyway.

    I’d get a front wheel and brake (24″ disk wheels on Amazon cheap) and just put a good V brake on the back. My middle boy actually has the reverse of that, rear disk, front hand-me-down XT V, and it’s fine in all weathers.


    Thank all. Looks like the tensile option is sold out.

    Yeah I was wondering about just replacing the front.

    I did think about the ‘new bike’ option too but the discs are pretty new on these sizes so the bike would either be worse, more downhill oriented or still near new prices.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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