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  • mattsccm

    Anyone compared these two Planet X bikes? As the price is the same the XLS seems the obvious as it’s lighter.
    Want it for a road bike really as the clunker Cotic X I have is my roughstuff bike.
    Your thoughts?


    Surely some one has ridden at least one of these. Lets have an opinion anyway.


    I have a DD. It gets used on and off road I like it. No idea about the other one

    Premier Icon Straightliner

    I have an XLS and I’m really impressed with it, it’s very comfy yet light and feels planted when cornering off road. Have a look for crossjunkie’s blog, he rode both for a while and has some thoughts on them.


    Mattsccm, Im in the same boat as you, not sure which to go for either.. The xls seems a little bit more racey than the Dd.

    From what I can gather I want the dd forks and the xls frame. A bit disappointed the xls forks has an aluminum steerer which adds weight.

    The dd is a 3k carbon weave which in my opinion looks better than 12k but the 12 is supposed to be stiffer???

    They are the same price too which doesn’t help. I do know stock is limited so if you are in a rush that might make the choice for you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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