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  • sgn23

    I’ve been used to my social media STW style for years now. For a change, I dipped my toe into Dirt Digglers on Facebook, which seems like a popular MTB group.

    Wow, that was a bit of an eye opener! It’s definitely not aimed at the middle class, Audi driving, IT types like on here. Lots of numpty posts which would get instantly flamed on STW. Lots of swearing too, worse than Mumsnet. And sexism. I’m glad our mods keep us snowflakes from all that stuff.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Unique for sure.

    I extricated myself as soon as it become apparent what their views were…….


    Yup it’s scum. I was on there like the 2nd week it was going and the boss guy was posting pictures of semi naked women on bikes. I pointed out why objectification of women is morally wrong and with the next post he said if you disagree with these pictures keep it to yourself so I left. It all seems like bullshit though giving away stickers! Are you 5 yrs old?


    Unique for sure.

    Well except for similar groups like Flithy Rides MTB. Even the women post pictures of semi naked women, so that makes it ok doesn’t it?

    Diggler is a rapid lad but my biggest gripe is his riding of cheeky trails at a rate of knots and publishing it on Strava. We all have our opinions on cheeky but it doesn’t help the cause.

    The again, I’m grumpy and all those Ratdawg gnarpoon types get on my nerves.

    As I am not a member of that group…..they are unique to me!

    I also called them out for sexist and homophobic language……..


    I sacked it off pretty quickly; it’s full of childish idiots. Some of the questions asked were so daft, I did wonder if they were wind ups.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    It is a good insight into the broad church of mtb.

    In the space of one comment on a usb power pack used for lights that I said perhaps were not waterproof enough I got a series of abusive replies that quickly got onto the subject of my mum and that I was “gay”


    lol. Yeh I think it’s populated by the sort of people who play jungle through a speaker in their backpack round trail centres wearing jeans.

    Premier Icon sirromj

    people who play jungle through a speaker in their backpack

    You should give it a go with whatever music you like that gets you going. I tried it on a few commutes playing early 90’s rave music. Felt like a bit of a **** though so packed it in, but it was good when no one around to witness 🙂

    It’s quite eye opening reading the posts on that Facebook group, some of them are so depraved. Some of the things they say, I could never even imagine! It reminds me of a night I once spent in a pub in the North, coarse and tense!

    We don’t realise how lucky we are on here; everyone seems so well adjusted. And if it gets a bit heated……thankfully we’ve got the excellent moderators who’ll step in!


    😆 @ DT.
    7/10. Solid effort.


    Thanks Roger!

    Premier Icon Andy

    DTF 😀 (not quite back to best yet tho’)


    Yeah, they sound like a right bunch of ars…
    WAIT – FREE STICKERS!! count me in.


    It must be popular as Facebook sticks it under my nose from time to time. But the Stupid name itself puts me off. Glad to see my prejudice confirmed though 🙂

    Half naked women you say…


    Premier Icon moose

    Joined. Got bored of the constant updates of shite on any post that I commented on.

    Also realised it was full of tools, and the pictures of women dried up.

    So I left. Just stick to pornhub now.

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