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  • Dining out……..robbing barpersons!
  • [/quote]compositpro, can you please explain the nobber bit?

    Ill blame the kindle for that but its not waht it seems

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    two pints of coke for £6!

    £1.50 for a small Coke (ie half pint) sounds about right for a city centre pub.

    b r

    CBA to read the rest of the post, has he also complained about the price of parking yet?

    Premier Icon ton

    br, why would someone who does not drive complain about parking fees?


    Wetherspoons beer is cheap as they bulk buy beer near its expiry date, as their turnover is very fast.

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    Somafunk – interesting points re your friends pubs/restaurants. There is one in my village selling excellent locally sourced produce, which, when it opened as a restaurant had a ‘good but expensive’ reputation! I never thought it was and if you compare menus with the local pub, it wins hands down if you have the daily ‘specials’.

    Last Friday, the front room with a small bar was going like a fair and the restaurant equally busy. Proper atmosphere, first class beer and to cap it all, a beer and wine for myself and the missus is at least £1 cheaper than the local bar.
    We walked past the local pub at about 10pm and it as virtually empty!

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)

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