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  • Premier Icon sam_underhill

    I’m renovating an old property and part of this will include a complete re-wire. I’d really like to use LED were possible (probably in down lighters) as they use so much less power and don’t have as much nasty stuff in them like CFL lamps.
    I’ve been looking at using these Deltech lamps as a GU10 replacement
    The downside is that these type are not dimable so it’s all or nothing. Does anyone know of anything suitable for dimming – I guess you need to look at a separate control unit and low voltage?

    Premier Icon steveb

    OK, I’m in the LED lighting industry.

    First, beware cool white…tends to be very cold and blue. I wouldn’t want it in a domestic environment.
    That link appears to the a warm white version, but its not 100% clear. Warm whites aren’t as bright as cool, typically 75-80% of the lumen output. Some tend to a strange shade of pink too!
    Neutral white is the most pleasing if you can find it, output lies between cool and warm.

    Try before you buy.

    I take it you are talking about the colour rather than the colour temperature? Always worth looking at what the rated colour temperature is, and comparing it to a chart.

    I think that you are a bit premature it is still early days for LED lightining for domestic property’s to be fair it is still in it’s infancy

    Give it 2 years I would say led lighting is slowly comming out to the wholesalers

    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    thanks. I suspected it might be a bit early. perhaps I’ll go for GU10 fittings and hope the a direct replacement will come along soon.

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