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    Just saw a post for a I tunes card for sale in classifieds and got me wondering, how many people pay for music and how many source it from other outlets, if you get me?


    Occasionally buy stuff but mostly ‘other’. Would happily pay more often except I think itunes etc are pretty poor valur compared to just buying a CD, when you consider the much cheaper distribution, manufacturing etc.

    There is also quite a lot of good free (legal) music out there.


    personally I prefer to go to a “record shoppe” and “buy” a “CD” thing

    but if I can’t be arsed I’ll use Amazon.

    Unless it’s New Model Army & I’ll go to > shop, and buy some concert tickets while I’m at it


    Buy most my stuff from either Bleep, Boomkat, Hospital or Juno. Steal the rest.

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    iTunes is a suprisingly good source of rare and deleted material.
    Some of it cannot be found anywhere else.

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    I used to use “alternative means” but generally I now use iTunes to hear new music. I may purchase the odd single now and again but if there’s an album worth getting it’s on to Amazon for the CD, sometimes even vinyl. The only album I’ve ever paid to download was an iTunes exclusive Elbow concert.


    I generally use, but if I’m in town and see something I like then I’ll get it at HMV or whatever.

    Only download stuff from iTunes when drunk or think of a song and can’t find it – last one was Cameo-Word Up 😆

    Started buying from itunes but found the quality was often rubbish and they are expensive. Now buy the CD from Amazon, burn it to itunes on my PC and stick it in storage – play everything from my PC or ipod. No DRM issues in future either

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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