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  • luke.ellis


    Went to my first dig day at Stainburn with single track action on sunday. I had a really really good day hanging out with like minded people and moving some man sized boulders plus a few barrows on boy sized bricks. I left feeling really good about myself that i helped build something that i will eventually ride once completed. I was amazed at the amount of work the VOLUNTEERS of single track action put in to the trails. There is nothing like the good buzz feeling after doing a good deed and helping your local trail builders. And im sure that buzz will be even sweeter once im riding the section i helped build.

    If you have never done a dig day at your local trail centre or down hill track go along you will have great conversations, good laughs and as i did learn about some of the secret trails.

    Would be nice to hear other peoples positive stories about there local dig days too just as a good incentive for those did day virgins out there.


    too few riders actually put back to the trail

    Been digging at our bmx trails for about 4 years, never dug at a trail centre before though.

    I gave up two Saturdays a few years back to go to Haldon near Exeter & help out with the trail building of the new start to the then Red Run. It was a 100 mile round trip for me with no riding but the satisfaction from putting something back was great plus we got to hear of another route off Haldon (St Andrews lane).

    I would recommend it to any MTB'er to take part & get involved. You learn so much about the art of trail building & make a few new friends as well.


    positive stories Jedi. POSITIVE! its not supposed to be a guilt trip to people that have never put back to the trail its a COME ON! to all those people like myself that always wanted to help out but left it far too long to get involved


    You might recognise these then Luke


    I don't build as much as I should do but average about a couple days a year. I've built alot of stuff I never even intended to ride just because I wanted to put something back. It's a good feeling.


    Hah never anything official, but ive built/cleared plent of my own trails. I've spent at least one day every weekend since septemebr digging bmx jumps and quite frequently alot more, last week I was there monday, wednesday, friday, and then again on sunday… In the summer just gone, I used to spend my evenings clearing in the local woods, and this year will do the same with our jumps.

    I almost enjoy it as much as riding.

    59timesthepain, whereish are youre local trails? Any vids? Mine were only started in may last year, and we (3 regulars, and few occasionals) have started over again this winter….


    Glad you enjoyed it dude, its the next best thing to riding plus it means fresh stuff for all, future trail builders come on down!!

    ive spent a fair amount of my precious riding time clearing/digging unofficial stuff but alas no more due to the local fc volunteery type guy spending his spare time hunting down said trails and pouring all his biking hatred into log laying/berm destoying all over the woods.

    shame as i used to like building. afaik there are no allowed trails near me either.

    59timesthepain, whereish are youre local trails? Any vids? Mine were only started in may last year, and we (3 regulars, and few occasionals) have started over again this winter….

    Our trails are in cumbria, been there for about four years now. No vids of them unfortunately, non of us have a video camera but it would be interesting to make a video.

    Theres quite a few different lines, but due to the lye of the land theres only a couple of big doubles, most a smaller technical ones and theres loads of smart hip jumps and that sort of thing.

    Do you have a generator? We used to use one and dig a couple of nights per week over winter. You could get loads done cos it was better to put the graft in rather than stand about shivering.

    Premier Icon postierich

    I only help out when food and hot drinks are available

    chasetrails are very good @ doing both 😆

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