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  • Difficult choice, On-one or canyon?
  • tizzzzle

    Is that a spectral? I’ve been eyeing them up, just wish they had 34s up front. Great spec and nice to ride from what I’ve heard.

    I had both a C456 and a Canyon Nerve (XC – so not exactly the same as your dilema, but still…).

    The obvious answer is you need both.

    Really, its about budget. They are both (IME) great in their own fields.

    You will know about the C456 finish. The Canyons are better in that regard. The bearings on the Canyon will need changing now and again.

    I’d not commute on a FS.

    Anything specific – just ask.

    plus one

    I had a good look at a riding buddy’s spectral(identical to the one your looking at) he’s swapped few contact points and it’s a stunning bike in the flesh .. Never had a shot but he loves his..

    Totally different beasts a hardtail and a full suss !! 🙂

    I agree I shouldn’t commute on a FS, tried that before.

    What was the nerve like weight wise? Bit concerned about weight of a FS after having a carbon hardtail?

    Really wish on one had a decent choice of FS bikes. The codeine looks nice but I don’t like 29ers.

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    Damn you! I like that Spectral.


    Weights: I’ll dig out my old spreadsheet. There wasnt much difference if memory serves. Give me a few minutes.

    But I wouldnt put that as the biggest reason not to ride it to work.

    Why then? Too good to commute on? Daily wear and tear? I suppose I could build a dirt cheap rigid singlespeed with an old frame I’ve got in the shed.

    Also available in red

    I’ve got my 456 delivered raw (no headset, clips etc) at 1.61 KG.
    Nerve (after being disassembled by me-so no headset cups or shock removed etc) 2.3 KG.

    As regards commuting, the Canyon was great at damn near everything, but you defo loose a some energy pedalling when you’re late for work, it looks expensive parked up at an office, its a pain to carry anything on,


    The red one looks way nicer

    Hmm, really not sure. Cheers for the info though pal, gives me something to think about.

    The interest free option with on one is a big bonus too, don’t think that’s doable with canyon.

    I am thinking of changing from my old carbon 456 to one of these below. I use my bike daily for a 6 mile commute, weekend xc rides and trail centre days out. It’s a pretty big decision for me as it’s a lot of money to me and this bike will be with me for a few years so some advice would be very welcome. The full suss option interests me but I am happy to stick with a hardtail too.

    Now I know the canyon is the obvious choice but I have a massive soft spot for on one bikes. I’ve had 4 and loved them all and it’d feel like cheating on my wife if I bought from elsewhere!

    Premier Icon timidwheeler

    I have two On-ones and a Canyon. On-one are considerably easier and nicer to deal with.
    Both companies offer good value.


    are they the same price? if so, that canyon is a mega deal.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Simple set up the old 456 as a commuter and then get the canyon 🙂

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Now I know the canyon is the obvious choice but I have a massive soft spot for on one bikes. I’ve had 4 and loved them all and it’d feel like cheating on my wife if I bought from elsewhere!

    and just to say this is crazy talk! bikes don’t care

    Correct, it is crazy talk pal. Just got some brand loyalty built up with on one over the years but it may be time to say goodbye to them.

    Any other suggestions for a bike around £1800 would be welcome.

    With an £1800 budget I’d buy a commuter for £200 and spend £1600 on a trail bike.
    The titanium 456 looks nice: http://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/CBOOTI456X5/on-one-ti-456-evo-sram-x5-mountain-bike

    That’s a beauty, love titanium bikes. My lbs has just built one up and they are stunning looking. The spec on this is a bit low but I’d consider it in the x9 spec for £200 more. With the money from selling my bike I will build a commuter, maybe an old inbred singlespeed or something.


    yourguitarhero +1

    Build a cheapy commuter up and get a £1600 trail bike that you really want, not something that will be too compromised for the commute.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    That canyon looks like it ran into an immovable object with the top tube bend near the head tube. Aesthetically awful

    Premier Icon boxelder

    If it helps, I’ve got 16t cog, spacers and a Superstar tensioner you can have for postage and a pint -£7?
    Commute on a SS – your old O-O


    Simple set up the old 456 as a commuter and then get the canyon


    sounds good to me boxelder – ill email you in a bit – cheers for that


    A friend of mine has been running carbon frame full sussers only on the road for years. I think he is mad but you can always lock the suspension and put on skinny tyres. Frankly, the roads around Brighton warrant at least front suspension, they are so bad!

    Get the full susser and change the tyres over for xc/commuting. Use this for a while for commuting then buy an old bike and convert it for just commuting/pub/shopping use. Then it doesn’t matter where you leave it so much.

    You always need a decent bike for off road to enjoy it properly.

    Don’t forget your brother has a stunning Titanium Hardtail too Vegas!

    I’d get an El Guapo and transfer your components across.

    This is a really difficult one. You do mostly XC and only really hit trail centres about 5 times a year, you love On One and hate off the shelf bikes.

    The Onone is the slight favourite at the moment, just.

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