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  • Premier Icon Kryton57

    How much did you put down to get something for £128?

    5 bags of sand, but it was an insurance pay out for the previous car which had been written off, so I saw it as money I didn’t really have which may as well give me 3 years of low payments for what is a much better car than £5k bought me. And to be fair I was in a rush so didn’t do much analysis.

    GFV is £9650, car is ’63 £16750 120D MSport with 8k miles on the clock.

    Premier Icon aracer

    ben_h wrote:

    I suspect that many “£250 per month” cars mentioned already here will cost a similar amount once deposits, tyres, servicing, tax, parking schemes, breakdown cover and any repairs are included.
    Some will be +/- depending on the car, and I accept that lease deals may lower the above and / or that my buying decisions may not have been the best. However, there will be plenty of people out there will an actual cost equivalent to at least £350 a month.

    Being “normal” doesn’t necessarily make it reasonable. But then we’ve discussed plenty of times on here how people are happy to spend large amounts of money on running a car (compared to other things – see the £9k bike thread 😉 )

    My apologies as it’s not at all relevant to this thread as I buy cheapish s/h (though not really bangernomics), but my current car has cost me just over £100 a month so far including all that.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    £5k for a car and you’re still paying a further £128 per month 🙄 😆

    Yeah – I appreciate that cars mean little to me beyond being a means of transport. Apologies for hijacking the discussion.


    Crumbs, so the £7,100 the OP financed has cost £9,480 over the term. PCP on used cars isn’t a good idea at all. The interest on personal loan of £7,000 over 36 months would be about £300.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I have my figures wrong – the pcp is 5.9%.

    Like I said, I rushed into it a bit and could have got cheaper probably. Although at the time I remember HSBC personal loans being 7%.

    Works out at 266 a month, not great I admit.


    Euro6 engines are in the clear for now at least,

    Not according to the German transport ministry last week, their real world results say euro6 diesels are little improvement on E5.

    Yo know there’s a problem kryton57, you live in a region that is highly polluted by diesel engines. You have a choice: be a part of the problem (buy diesel) be less of a part of the problem (buy a petrol hybrid) or not be part of the problem (buy a Tesla or the new Ampera if 350km between charges is sufficient).

    Premier Icon aracer

    Edukator wrote:

    You have a choice: be a part of the problem (buy diesel)

    The question is, if I’m buying an oldish s/h car (which has already been made for somebody else to use, and it’s not desperately environmentally friendly to scrap it), given I do very little driving in congested cities* is it not actually more environmentally friendly for me to buy a diesel rather than for somebody else who does more of that to buy it instead?

    Clearly the same argument may not apply to those who want to spend lots of money every month for the privilege of owning a new car – personally I’m looking forwards to huge depreciation on diesels 😉

    * I do regularly drive into my most local small city and town but not at rush hour and very rarely meet any congestion. You’ll have to excuse me for only a vanishingly small amount of guilt at doing that in my diesel given all the other far more polluting diesel vehicles on the road when it is far more congested.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    We took out a 4yr PCP on a 6 month old petrol Focus, put £500 down & it’s £180 /m. I suspect we may not have walked away with a killer deal, perhaps we should have looked at the German makes, but she loved the car, the monthly is bang on my £180 target. GFV is around £4k.
    Wife is a district nurse so needs something reliable.
    She’s intimidated that she wants a Merc next, the small hatchback one…

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    takisawa2 – did you do the arithmetic to work out that was a better deal than a vehicle supplied through the NHS (or was that not a choice)? Genuinely interested as my Mrs might be in a similar position at some point.

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