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  • Did you go for a ride today?
  • cakefest

    Yes, excellent ride round muddy Mortimer Forest and Bringewood near Ludlow with a mate of mine who absolutely smashed me to bits. Even got some sunny intervals and swirling mists. Stunning.


    Miserable ride around Bedgebury today. Took my cross bike and the sandy slurry wrecked my disk pads. Didn’t realise how badly until I was riding back to my car and, coming up to a T junction, braked and nothing happened apart from me nearly going straight out into a busy road just as a bus was passing. I managed to do a fosbury flop on to the verge. How they must have laughed on the bus!

    Van Halen

    Took scenic route home. Mingling but super fun. Taking scenic route tomorrow morn too. Should be fun.


    Went out after work for a couple of hours in the woods. A bit of a mix of technical stuff and XC. Drove in the peeing down rain not really looking forward to it, but just as I pulled up the rain stopped and the sun came out, which was nice. Still a filthy dirty ride though, but great fun and glad I didn’t bale out en-route in the rain as I was tempted.


    Rivvy ride completed
    Unseasonably warm but the wet, the mud and the wind are here for a while.


    Yes indeedly doodly neighbour.. A quick spin in the dark around the blue and red at Haldon, including the ride up from Partridge Cycles, followed by a cup of tea at my sisters where I picked up my BIL for a race back to Exmouth along the exe trail into the teeth of a gale..


    Christ that was brutal. Difficult trail condition, deep darkness, legs being ripped off, wind, filth and sopping wet, high speed crash ( o damage). Great!

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Just back. 🙂

    After 5 minutes of riding the rain started but I just WTFU’ed and got on with it. Some trails were muddy, others pretty good.

    I was ravenous due to efforts involved on the stupid ss so ended up at this lovely little tea shop that’s actually at the back of the village stores. Sat outside in the sun, demolished beans on toast with a coffee, all served on mismatched ancient china and very reasonably priced to boot. Definitely quirky!

    I was smiling and that has to be good. 8)


    22.5 miles on the very muddy gravel.
    Same as at least 4 days very week.

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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