Did you buy a roadbike for fitness and become addicted?

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  • Did you buy a roadbike for fitness and become addicted?
  • MrSmith

    just lots of people trying not to crash into each other whilst pedaling hard

    probably riding with nodders, if the riders are good/experienced it’s a totally different experience to riding with those with no idea how to ride in a group

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    I’d rather ride a mtb on dry, fast trails anyday, but when it’s a muddy slog or short on time then the road bike has its place.

    Signed up for dartmoor classic this summer so will have to spend a bit more time on the road/turbo


    I bought a road bike as I often work on projects where I could get out for an hour or so at lunch or the evening. Ended up becoming a roadie and love my club runs; still have the mtbs which I’ll use again sometime I suppose….

    I have ridden a few sportives including the Dragon Ride, am doing it again this year as well as going to the Pyrenees for some bigger hills.


    well, I thought I was doing “not too bad” this morning, then :wooooosh: a blur of legs’n’lycra as a small bunch of proper roadies flew by – I want to be able ride like that!!
    And the last man in the bunch even had the good grace to half lift a finger from his bars to me as they went past 🙂


    i like both but got bored with the slogging through mud and taking up a lot of the day to ride mtb when the road bike is an instant riding fix straight out of the door for 2-5hrs, i actually enjoy mtb riding more now that i ride it less. i just wait for the cold/dry weather and frozen trails to ride in the winter don’t mind the cold it’s the gloop i cand be bothered with any more and would rather a quick ride on the fixed if it’s shitty weather.

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    Always been a mountain biker but bought a road bike a couple of years ago for fitness and triathlons but must admit i do enjoy it. It’s easier to get on the road bike and i can be in the peak with some decent hills in 20 mins where as the number of off road trails near me are nothing special. Glad i can afford to do both though!


    Got a CX bike, use the canal to take me to nicer roads. Still got the hardtail for rougher stuff though. Havnt got a car so kind of a ballache riding 10-15 mile to a bit of offroad though, but nothing on the road beats the terror of holding on for dear life down rocky decents. Thats good terror not like when a lorry decides 6 inches is more than enough room.


    Warton, I must admit selling my five crossed my mind. I could get a super nice new roadbike with the funds invested in it.

    Mr Carbon you need to go have a word with yourself and join us at the lakes tomorrow! 😉

    I got a road bike last year with all the good intentions of actually using it, but I get bored as soon as I pass a Bridleway sign.

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    esselgruntfuttock – Member
    …but I get bored as soon as I pass a Bridleway sign.


    I can’t keep my road bike on the road. As soon as I see an interesting track I’m off up it regardless of bike. So I’ve given up and my road bike is now a 29er with 2.35″ Big Apple tyres.


    Grafting Sean…… Overtime for some road wheels and a Rapha classic jersey. Work is 7-11 tomorrow putting me on towards 15hrs overtime this weekend 🙂

    Looking back, if anything I shouldv’e got a X bike.

    Coming from a mountain bike background I’ve almost gone full circle.

    The past two years has been virtually all on the road with the occasional mtb ride. The fitness benefits have been amazing.

    Now, whilst still riding the majority on road, I’m now using it as a fitness and training tool for a mountain bike race season.

    I do enjoy solo road rides more than mountain bikes ones and group social rides are even better. This morning’s ride was fantastic. Only 30 miles but it was warm with a real feel of spring in the air. Could’ve ridden all day. Oh, and I also shave my legs too.

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