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  • Did the ice get you today?
  • Early morning road ride, tapping it out, straight road.. BANG! Sliding down the middle of the road on my arse.

    Feeling a bit sore and bruised. Very lucky there was no traffic on the road. Bring on Sunday roast and a pint.

    Be careful out there.


    Yup, all local trails with intermittent sheet ice

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    No roads for me, waaaay to slippy, Woods, Fields and Frozen FP’s only

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    Managed 65 miles in it yesterday, a few slides under braking, was alright once the sun got on the roads.

    Dawn patrol round the Peaks and everything was frozen solid – even the deep pools on Batham Gate/Dirtlow Rake – great fun sliding across them and listening for the pop!

    Did get the wheel caught in an old tyre rut and steered off the track but that’s all.

    If you want to ride the Peak the trails are rock hard so get out there.


    No, i kissed the tarmac yesterday, a nice xc pootle then 4 laps at Stainburn, happy days on way home then crash, bounced down the road, hurt like he’ll and somehow managed to rip the back wheel out?? Sore this morning but I’ll live 🙂

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    Yes yesterday me and my mate like synchronized sacks of !
    Broken lock on grip and bar lights twisted round, so bike not too bad.
    Me hip wrist and knee smarting now still good though.

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    Up at Mugdock on the MTB yesterday. Sheet ice everywhere. My Schwalbe Ice Spikers took it in their stride though.

    I’ve seen a few cyclists out on the roads – rather them than me. I’d rather ride less than break anything.


    I’m ok but one of our road group went down today. A few yards away was an ambulance attending a lady rider with a sling and oxygen mask so I guess she’d done the same.
    Definitely the season for careful riding…

    Not here, went out for a relatively easy 30 mile loop in the Chilterns last night, gave up after 10 miles of ankle deep mud.

    Being able to powerslide round corners at walking pace on a singlespeed was a novelty for about 10 minutes, then it just became purgatory.

    Come on winter, give us a few moths of high pressure, gentle winds and freeze dried trails.


    I’m sticking to the turbo while the temp is this low. Not just the ice on the roads the cold is not good for my chest.

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    Ice wasn’t too bad here yesterday (don’t know about today – heading out in an hour or so for a dusk ride). Was more concerned about the various bits of flooding I came across in the half-dark where I really couldn’t see how deep they were. Luckily nothing was more than hub-deep, although will have to wear my manky old Vans today as the 5:10s are still a little damp.


    Yeah 😆

    Main roads were “ok” but then we took a narrow country road, could see some ice so took it steady, then bang I hit the deck, slid along on my arse for a little. Probably only going ~15mph so not to bad.

    The pace was a little slower after that!

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    the trails would be lovely here today – there are a lot of routes you only ride happily when it gets they’re frozen but we’ve been getting a non stop freeze in the day then rain at night, freezing on contact, so the tarmac between the trails is awful on a bike. Giving it a miss


    ride itenary thus:

    leave home, check main road, ice free, water running down gutter.
    ride to get mate, no worries.
    turn onto side road, bang, knock myself out cold, slide down road on face, have no recollection of even feeling the bike going!!
    Mate looked round to see whats happening, down he went to!!
    Go home.

    cuts to both cheeks, nose, thick cut lip, blood covered!

    Good jobs I didnt have any good looks to start with! 😆

    Our ‘brisk’ club run all managed to stay up right today – but stuck to the main roads – but some scary ice section 60 miles ave temp 0.7 – but bloody cold on the fast downhills – still managed to stay warm in my full on winter kit – tierd but happy rider


    Rode cut gate today, frozen solid with plenty of rock hard ice towards the 1st cairn, need a bit of snow now for more grip!

    nice ride round castle douglas countryside this morning – perfect conditions with chocolatey mud frozen solid!


    Yep! Road. Not fast, couple of cuts and bruises

    Yep riding in dalby today, ended up on my arse sliding.

    Was stunning out, wish I hadn’t left me camera in the car.


    Nope, roads here are a bit frosty this evening but still managed to keep a decent speed without any issues. Think its probably time to fit my new tyres tomorrow though!


    Glentress was interesting today. A few ‘nearly’ moments but thankfully stayed upright. Getting up to speed was just as easy, it’s the slowing down or changing direction which causes the problems! Stayed until dusk and things were getting very slick by then as the days riders had packed things down and temp dropped to around -4.

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    Very nearly… I decided against Parkamoor in the end as I sat at the top of the descent. On my own. With a Mountain Rescue helicopter circling overhead. Turned back and came back down.

    Will leave it for another day. The trails through the forest were a lot better though 😉


    it got this lot. Appeared between setting off and coming back, road was sheet ice. No-one injured fortunately!!

    Well at least he had his bike and blue jacket in the back of the car 😉


    Didn’t fancy it yesterday, did 2hrs on the rollers instead, just suffered with numb hands.

    CX today started frosty but by the time the kids had been around and the ground thawed a little it was like riding around, well, a really wet field…

    Premier Icon ctznsmith

    This is not making me looking forward to the commute tomorrow morning! 🙁 Flatterm main road but slightly longer route I think.

    Yup, did the Preston Wheel ride and went down like a toilet seat on some sheet ice.

    Knee in bits and my rear 105 mech goosed, I am not a happy bunny.


    Couldnt see much ice for the dustings of snow. Another amazingly clear day.

    Premier Icon safi

    Fell off last Saturday on black ice and buggered my right hand which still has not recovered. Luckily I am left handed but I have been off work and am getting bored.


    I went for a run rather than risk the road bike today. There has been lots of roads flooded, so couldn’t be bothered dodging patches of ice for several hours.

    Could be worse, I guess…


    Premier Icon iainc

    Minus 5 at mugdock this morn and much hilarity. Hit a fireroad hard and have sore butt…..lots of comedy moments on the singletrack and no one got hurt 🙂

    Premier Icon postierich

    Did a local loop mostly offroad with lots of cheeky 24 miles with no major misshap untill about 400 metres from home then I stacked it on a canal path 🙁

    DSCF2393[1] by Richard Munro, on Flickr

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    It was either sunburn or heatstroke yesterday. I went for the heatstroke option and kept on the pads and full-facer yesterday on an uplift day at Mt. Hutt.


    Premier Icon talltom

    Gisburn yesterday was more like an ice rink – the raised boardwalk sections were unwalkable nevermind rideable. 4 of us out with 9 full body ‘dabs’. First one was best, my mate in front went from vertical to horizontal so fast he was still in full riding position laying flat on floor – all about 100yd from car park
    No injuries though so all good!!


    Thanks for that Jon, we’re all so happy for you 😉

    Went down on the tarmac on this mornings club run. Lots of black ice on the minor roads. Not too fast – superficial damage to me and bike. 5 out of 10 of us hit the deck at some point. Think I’ll be sore tomorrow. Oh, had a puncture later on too :'(

    Premier Icon joat

    Didn’t have one slip or slide at Sherwood Pines yesterday until I looped round on some fireroad, and had a massive adrenalin rush when my back wheel tried to overtake the front. Luckily with cat-like reactions, I managed to save it. 😯

    b r

    The frost didn’t shift all day for us, and we’d still a couple of inches of snow that’d fallen on Friday evening – managed 30 miles of top XC.

    And one comedy moment at Innerleithen where my rear tyre caught the ice and I spun around, fell off and then slid away from my bike down the hill.


    stepped outside, slid down the steps at the front door. turned around and sat indoors playing with infant mashiehood!


    Rode the MTB over to Peaslake and the trails round Ranmore, Holmbury and Winterfold were great where they were frozen.

    But the off camber tarmac and ice nearly made me stack it on the road climbing out of Peaslake. I wouldn’t like to have been out on skinny tyres today.


    Yep. Yesterday binned it down Garburn Pass, right over the bars and then again on my way to Ings. Crashed round Grizedale today too. All things considered, i’m enjoying not having wet shoes for a change!



    South dales are sheet ice. BMW and bikes are staying at home after some unplanned sideways action and a tumble on black ice this w/e 🙁

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Gisburn yesterday was more like an ice rink – the raised boardwalk sections were unwalkable nevermind rideable.

    Yep, the Gisburn boardwalks got me last Tuesday. Looked alright until about halfway along, then dumped me unceremoniously in the bog.

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