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  • yetim

    Was it a strava section?

    No, don’t do Strava, and no intention of doing so!

    ron jeremy

    Glad you’re okay mate, but I’ll be honest I did let out an involuntary chortle when I saw that irregularity in the straight red line on the above map….

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Yep, love the GPS trace.

    Last time I crashed on the road was entirely my fault, just a solo- found a patch of ice to crash on. Instantly the driver in front stopped and said “My god, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you!” even though he had nowt to do with it. Which was either a) kind of sweet or b) showed he was the most oblivious driver in the world, or c) had a guilty conscience.


    I was just hoping it did not cost you too much time!

    …said the myopic Micra driver through her window as I cycled home on Wednesday after work.

    “yes you expletive well did!”

    Classic example of crap driving. She overtook 3 of us to turn left. I was at the front and the first I knew of what was going on was when a car is driving into me. Somehow, and I don’t know how, I managed to stay upright, but only just. I was convinced I’d be having a trip in an ambulance, and even remember thinking ‘how will I / my bike get home from whatever the nearest A&E is?)

    I really can’t fathom how I got away with it. My mate described the contact as a ‘hefty thud’, although that may have been an involuntary bowel reaction!

    Further on in the ride (doing the long 36 mile commute home that day), I realised that my hip was aching a bit. Still does a little 3 days later.

    Anyway, my reaction at the time was to swear furiously! I stayed on the bike and there appeared to be no damage to me or bike (bike is fine 😀 ), so after swearing I simply rode away.

    I’ve just uploaded the GPS track from the ride and I can see the collision on it!

    That little wiggle is where a myopic Micra driver T-boned me by -Cheesyfeet-, on Flickr

    Well, wouldn’t you just believe it. On a ‘charidee’ ride today, Lots of cyclists, single lane and a cock in an Audi just has to overtake, except there’s another car coming the other way. Result a hard stop, veering into all us cyclists. i managed to squeeze past, just, but mate ended up the the hedgerow.

    There are some right spanners out there. Be safe people

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