Did everyone make the most of the good weather?

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  • Did everyone make the most of the good weather?
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    Too hot? TOO HOT?!!!! In the immortal words of Peter Kaye:

    Shut the **** up, and have a Callipo! 😀


    imperial war museum Saturday and to top the hangovers up in the evening.

    Exact same thing as me – now returned to Spain to avoid the rain 🙂

    Bike building the garden on Saturday. Brisk walking over the Qs on Sunday; very few people about, including just one cyclist.

    Premier Icon buck53

    Also want to put on record that I’m making the most of the ongoing good weather, less of this past tense malarkey.

    Sun’s out here again today and I’ll be out this evening. Good times!

    Premier Icon fionap

    Nice ride out on the lanes on Saturday morning (MTB with semi-slicks, no roadie nonsense) then a trip to Cardinham early on Sunday for a go at the blue route.
    We were really impressed by what they’ve done there – I’d say the blue trail (with a couple of optional red bits) is comparable with the Verderers at FoD, but a bit more swoopy and fun, and definitely a lot quieter for a summer weekend.


    Quick bimble around Barmouth prom Saturday morning, followed by a few hours at CYB on the trails and skills area.

    Bunked off work on Friday afternoon to go for a ride, got absolutely sodden in the thunderstorms arround Windsor. Odd sensation riding through 8″ deep puddles of warm water, kinda like pissing yourself, constantly.

    Saturday, did all the little jobs I’d been putting off on the road bike like removing mudguard brackets, rebuilt my shimano hubs and generarly fettled. Saturday afternoon fixed all the little faults on the missus fiesta (fan switch only did off and ‘4’, seat catches broken, oil/filter service).

    Sunday, painted the new exterior ply shelves for the garrage with exterior paint, so they should cope with the damp this time, watched some F1, ate some curry.

    Missus is now in a mood with me for some reason, should have just gone out riding and sailing rather than just doing jobs round the house!

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Got in a wee bivvy whilst in North Uist.

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/oweT4V]DSC_0098[/url] by ScotRoutes, on Flickr

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer

    Evans RideIt North Downs on Saturday. Loved it and pleased to find Leith Hill wasn’t as hard as I feared. Never have I drunk so much fluid without taking a slash though. Hope the Liphook and Brighton events are as good.

    Premier Icon clareymorris

    Yes yes yes!!!
    Quick roady locally for a swoim in Ullswater Thursday night…

    Cycle to BBQ and swim in Crummock on the Friday eve….

    MTB ride and another swim in lake Saturday……..forgot camera though so no photos!!

    LOVE IT HOT!!!!!!

    Premier Icon grey

    Last Sunday, a tour of West Fife. Monday evening Comrie Croft, Wednesday Devilla forest and Saturday Glentress.
    Had a ball last week on the dry trails and it looks like the weather will be good this Wednesday for Blairadam and Saturday for Pittmedden.
    May the sun keep shining and the trails be dusty.


    Riding everyday, few rounds of golf, bit of gardening, long walks with the dogs, bit more riding. I think I have a house but not been in it!! 🙂

Viewing 12 posts - 41 through 52 (of 52 total)

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