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  • Premier Icon jj55

    Damage to wind turbine

    One theory I heard today was that it was caused by a block of ice falling from an aeoroplane….. but it’s definitely not a ufo!!


    From a report off the BBC website – something the size of a cow could have caused the damage.

    Something flying (i.e. i the air) which nobody knows what it is (i.e.unidentified) caused it, so yes, a UFO did cause it – little green men…………that’s another story…

    Premier Icon barney

    Grauniad says that the lights in the sky was one of their journos having a firework party..

    It took out two blades, one missing and one damaged, I am more inclined to think something more stationary, some p***ed off local who opposed the farm in the first place drove in some kind of “crane boom thing” for it to run into.

    Surely something flying across would most likely only damage one before being thrown out of the way?

    Mind you, this is just idle speculation…

    Premier Icon jj55

    If it hit a bird , or a flying cow!, there would be blood & snot everywhere. More likely one blade failed, came off & hit the other – that’s my theory!


    I heard it was a tenticle coming down from the sky. Sounds like the work of a noodly appendage of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
    No flying cows involved in this one –

    Hmmm, you might be onto something jj55…

    Were you there, with a spanner?


    I don’t think it was bedded in properly so the blade fell off it’s backing 😉

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    It’s caused by global warming. The recent heatwave must have induced expansion stresses in the differential compression spigot valve which resulted in the catastrophic decompression of the kerfoofle shaft.


    +1 for divine intervention from the FSM


    that’s right – EVERYTHING bad is due to global warming – and I work for the Met Office !


    Its probably one of the blades my mate made last week whilst still a bit hungover.
    Probably find some sandwiches encased in the resin where it failed!


    jj55 gets the prize. The broken blade was found below the turbine, and the damaged one is bent about halfway up. It’s easy to see how a blade, coming loose, would be struck by the next blade as it rotates upwards. The pic of the lights I’ve seen looks like a sundog in high cirrus cloud.

    computer says no

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