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  • PrinceJohn

    I’d go with the dialled for a couple reasons, one I’ve got one & it’s aces & you’re supporting a small business not Chain Reaction.


    I’d go with the dialled for a couple reasons, one I’ve got one & it’s aces & you’re supporting a small business not Chain Reaction.


    I’ve had both, they are fairly similar. Currently have a Blue Pig (because it made sense to get a built up bike as part of an insurance claim).

    The Ragley is a bit slacker (though the PA head angle may well have changed this year). It also has an ISCG mount and can take a big steerer. I dont like the position of the rear brake mounts, a bit gimmicky.

    The PA felt a bit longer, and maybe climbed better, but that could just have been me.

    Both good frames though, you cant go wrong either way.


    Mate has a blue pig, it’s a riot downhill. Nice and slack. Tough as old boots too. No experience of the Dialled.


    New Alpine is more like the Blue pig though shirley? (but Alpine is more betterer obviously)

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    I have had both. I currently have a Blue Pig.

    I think it depends on a couple of things:
    1) Where do you ride?
    2) Swapping forks? If so, how long are they? The Blue pig is best with 150mm travel-ish forks.
    3) dropper post? 27.2 seattubes are a pain for dropper posts.

    My 2p worth: The BP is comfier on long rides as it’s a bit more compliant and you can run bigger tyres.
    The BP geo is great on uppy downy stuff but needs to be bullied on flatter stuff.

    Also worth considering the new On-one 456Evo mk2 and the Ragley Piglet if you have shorter forks.


    As in the title, I’ve a choice of either of these frames to buy today but which one would be recommended on here? I mean in terms of ‘fit’ as I’m 5’7 and also the ride, weight, ease of componentry swap to, robustness etc.


    Dialled all the way 😀


    I’ve also owned both and my response was going to be similar to BillOddie. I don’t think you can go wrong with either, but it really depends on what sort of build you’re planning and what sort of trails you ride. The Blue Pig is definitely at its best with a 150mm fork, closer to a DB Alpine than the PA, and the Albert suits a 130-140mm fork.

    If I had to pick one again, and it was going to be my only bike, then I think it would be the Blue Pig. I felt it was a better all-rounder for the trails I ride. The ability to run my Reverb, and have a wider choice of fork steerer sizes would also sway me towards the Pig, as I doubt I’ll ever go back to 1 1/8” head tubes, or a seat tube under 30.9.

    The current Prince Albert is the newer Reynolds 853 Prince Albert Classic frame.

    The previous Reynolds 725 frame was probably more comparable to a Blue Pig than the PA Classic, as this newer one is lighter and the recommended fork range is 100-140mm. Anyone who wants more travel than 140mm should opt for an Alpine (which also caters for the fat head tube/seat tube crowd as well).

    Premier Icon kayak23

    I have a Prince Albert, also 5’7.
    It’s cracking. Best hardtail I’ve ever had. I use 140mm Pikes on it and it’s perfect.

    A mate has the new Piglet, that’s nice too but clearly not as nice as mine… 🙂


    Both great frames but the Ragley’s do offer a few extra features..

    The 3Finger bridge is a nice touch..and you might be glad the mech hanger is replaceble too..


    Hi Mike what fork would you recommend on the alpine as I’m in the build phase?

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