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  • Tom83

    What travel are you running on yours? I’m sending my forks off to be serviced in the next week or so, and I’m considering getting my revs reduced to 120mm from 140mm whilst they’re in bits.
    Has anyone got experience of both, and what did you prefer?



    Ran my MK1 with 130 and 140 forks both worked fine, the only issue was on really steep climbs having to weight the front quite a lot as I was running a 50mm stem.

    Mines running 130 (so not much help to you) but I think either 120 or 140 would work well … such a fantastic frame.


    Had pikes on mine. Felt better wound down a bit so I would recommend 120. DB Alpine is great with 140 forks though.


    140mm Vanillas. Lovely lovely…


    140 Floats, 25mm sag, 50mm stem, wide bars – works for me 😀


    120 reba teams, 90 mm stem and ea70 mid rise, possibly a bit more xc than most but absolutely love it

    Premier Icon nuke

    Just switched to 120mm Reba (80mm stem, low-rise 700mm bars) after running 100-130mm Revs…seems pretty spot on to me. Love to try something like Sektors on it.


    130mm travel, 60mm stem and low risers. No complaints…


    Running 145mm Nixons on mine and although I have travel adjust I rarely feel the need to use it. I’ve also run 130mm Bombers which were pretty good but changed them for the Nixons as I wanted a bit more travel. If I was to replace the Nixons I’d probably go for 36 Floats with travel reduced to 140/150mm.

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    140mm u-turn pikes, and I do use the u-turn for longer climbs

    coil Pikes here, plenty of sag so not really an issue.
    wind em down for bigger climbs.

    where do you ride?

    For twisty SE stuff I run my revs at 125. For Peaks etc, I’ll run 140 for the descents, but the BB does feel too high.


    Cheers for all the replies guys and gals!

    @leggyblonde mostly darn sarf riding, so nothing too serious.

    I reckon I’ll try them at 120mm, and see how i get on.

    Thanks again!

    Premier Icon mwleeds

    Blimey! 140mm all the way! My PA climbs so well I can’t imagine why anyone would want to run anything less. There really isn’t any need to compromise.

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