Di2 Road STI mixed with MTB 1×11

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  • Di2 Road STI mixed with MTB 1×11
  • I just impulse bought a pair of Di2 STI’s (R785) as the price was too good to pass on.

    What I would like to do is combine it with a MTB rear derailleur and 11-42t cassette for use as a gravel drive train.

    I’ve heard tell that this is possible but have no idea about what to combine and all the other Di2 bits n bobs required.

    Anyone had success in this area, if so, what did you use??

    Update* I see the specialised diverge s-works uses this rig, so that provides me with the majority of my shopping list (unless you can think of better pairings) but what do I need to hook it all together??

    ref: https://road.cc/content/buyers-guide/237160-23-road-gravel-and-cyclocross-bikes-1x-gearing-%E2%80%93-can-one-chainring-do-it

    Yep. easy.

    You’ll need MTB mech, a battery, a junction box A (stem), junction box b (bottom bracket) and 5 wires of the correct length and a charger.

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    Have a look at the Pinnacle Arkose LTD, that was a 1x XT Di2 set up.

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    I’m using the same levers (r785) with XT Di2 rear mech, 11/40 rear cassette and 42t superstar front ring.

    I’m using the XT m800 display/junction as well at the moment, although I’ve also used the normal 5 port under stem junction

    No problems to report, you have to select mtb on the e tube software to update it not road, but you have to update the m800 junction by Bluetooth

    ive done 6 cx races on it this season as well as training rides and can definitely recommend it

    Good to know – it sounds great in theory…

    Do you run it with one shifter changing down and the other changing up??

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    I did try it, but as I also have road bikes with Di2 I changed it back to keep them the same.

    I have my left and right shifters set up so they both do the same thing on 1x. Small button down, big up.

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