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  • Di2 bike build tips needed.
  • jkomo

    For a mate, we haven’t started yet, but any tips?
    The BB is installed, does this mean we need to remove it? All the wires go through there don’t they?
    Any other tips we might need, is internal routing easy? Do you use a pokey wire to find the holes.
    NB I don’t think ‘pokey wire’ is the correct terminology.


    Yes – you will need the BB out to do an internal installation. As for inserting the wires – depends on the frame. Something like a Scott Foil they just drop down without a problem.
    Loads of info out there on Di2 installation.
    This is a good starting point:
    Shimano dealer manual for Di2 Ultegra 6870


    Make sure you put a small loop of slack cable right next to the shifters, or movement of the bar tape will pull the plug out of the shifter.
    ALWAYS use the tool for inserting/removing the plugs.
    Make sure all the components have the latest firmware updates (you’ll need the Di2 interface).There are issues with components with differing versions.
    Some other stuff I’ll remember in a bit (only done a dozen or so so far)


    Thanks guys

    I didn’t have to remove the BB on my Dolan, although the slot in the underside of the frame made it a squeeze to put the multiplug into the frame. Agree with everything above. Just take your time . I used a couple of small cable ties to hold the cables going to the front mech and rear mech in place. Make sure you have a bit of slack between the computer on the brake cable and the downtube, in case you twist the bars round. They will spin easier now you have no gear cables. Fantastic on my bike, love it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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