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  • SOAP

    So if I go by the Fox site I need to turn all 4 adjusters full clockwise then back anti clockwise 12 clicks.

    seems a bit crap compared to what you get from Cane creak.

    what are your settings?

    Premier Icon benpinnick

    Settings are bike dependent so its hard for anyone to tell you what to run, Cane Creek only publish what the bike manufacturers tell them, so you’d be as well asking the bike manufacturer as anyone. You’ll notice that they culled most of the tune list now as a lot of bikes on CC’s website had ‘Factory Base Tune’ which is just code for we have no idea.

    Ive always found that Fox settings are in the ballpark, but not perfect. Its probably not a terrible place to start with their recommendations.


    Phoned Mojo/Silverfish today and they were great.

    For the 2018 shocks he recommended going 2 clicks less than the chart on the Fox website as the new shocks work better.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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