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  • DHF “Float zone”
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    Considering the fuss they made of it’s 20 year anniversary (plastered all over all over social meja by their sponsored athletes) and the fact they probably sell a millionty a year I would put this down to a website glitch.

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    I was looking at the other day and it looks like the DHF is no longer on the site although listed on the .com version.

    Perhaps it’s being phased out.

    The uk website is always full of errors, its pretty irrelevant anyway as the stock control has always been poor, even pre-covid.

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    the DHF is no longer on the site although listed on the .com version.

    Perhaps it’s being phased out.

    Maxxis get rid of the DHF? Nah mate.

    Just to address a few points made in here:

    – I don’t get a floaty feeling from the DHF at all
    – Don’t buy it as an all-rounder Jay, it’s cack in winter
    – Yeah the Assegai is better than the DHF or Mary for outright grip in dry or loam, but the Mary is better in slop and rolls nicer
    – I’m also cutting a lot of Maxxis tyres lately, two in a week just now

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    “Just to address a few points made in here”

    And to add to that, when using the DHF in suitable (not muddy) conditions, the only weak point I noticed was that it’s not brilliant at braking when the ground is loose (whilst the DHR2 properly drops anchor). Compared to the DHR2 I felt it was more positive at cornering when it’s not leant over so far.

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    Interesting, only DHF experience was on a Process 153 I demo’d a few years back and I didn’t like the float zone and had to lean the bike more aggresively to deal with it.

    I’ve been back and forth on a Vittoria Mazza, which is very DHF like, and a Wild Enduro the last few months.

    Put the Mazza on late April and didn’t like it in the conditions. Just not as grippy. It rolls very fast compared to the Michelin, but didn’t brake as well and I couldn’t brake leaned over, no noticable float zone.

    Put it back on a couple of weeks back and I am liking it more. Last week I went to Mallards Pike and it was very dry, I really enjoyed it and I didn’t notice the tyre, next day BPW in heavy rain and it was sliding off of every angled root on tracks like Groot, ACDC & Roots maneuveres, but great on the hardpack.

    Couple of days later FOD uplift, tracks were wet in the morning but dried during the day. Same story, a dry weather tyre.

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    Oh buggery!

    I’ve just gone from a 2.5 HR2 / 2.4 Ardent (F/R) combo to a 2.6 DHF / 2.5 HR2 (F/R) set up, in a search for more grip and as a skills-compensator.

    I don’t think I’m an aggressive rider and unlikely to lean right on the edges.

    I’m off to the Lakes tomorrow.

    Am I going to die? Or will that tyre combo be alright on natural stuff? 😬

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    The DHF is superb in the Lakes, IMO.

    Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

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