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  • When & how & who to watch at Leogang DH World Cup on Saturday
  • Premier Icon rockitman
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    All photos – credit Red Bull Content Pool In the latest episode of the Making Up The Numbers podcast Jack Reading states that Leogang is the hardest t …

    By rockitman

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    DH World Cup Round 3 – Leogang Race Preview

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    Premier Icon stwhannah
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    Doesn’t look as wet as it did in practice. Who’s watching live?

    Premier Icon wordnumb
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    That was rather good.

    Premier Icon masterdabber
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    Yup, thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Premier Icon keefezza
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    That was always gonna be a good race and it very much delivered. Those sloppy woods section makes it so much better to watch and so much more difficult to predict.

    Well done to the winner and his first world cup, well deserved

    Premier Icon colp
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    Fantastic race!
    The camera doesn’t do justice to how steep and nasty Vali’s Hole is, amazing riding today.

    Premier Icon kayak23
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    So pleased for the winner. Totally deserved.
    That was a challenging track. 😃

    Premier Icon a11y
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    That was effin brilliant

    Premier Icon ThePinkster
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    This is probably a silly question, but am I the only person who, whenever they read ‘Leogang’ always see it as ‘Legoland’?

    Premier Icon leegee
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    I made it there just in time to see the last 20 or so men’s runs.

    The woods and finish area are very steep, as Colp says the camera doesn’t do justice to it.

    Premier Icon ayjaydoubleyou
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    I know it was the covid affected and therefore short season, but had anyone else got the overall without winning a race?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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