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  • DH World Cup Round 2 – Fort William Race Preview
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    Love this pic (soz, link to other mtb site 😛 )

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    So what happened to Bernard Kerr – Qualified 5th but no where in the race, and then not pedalling at the bottom but his chain looked fine !

    According to his vlog his chain guide jammed up part way down before breaking off entirely by the finish.

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    Gotta say I’m a bit worried about MTB race coverage via Discovery/GMBN next year

    Looks like it will now include EWS as well with Discovery etc providing the coverage and ESO Sports (Chris Ball) taking on the organisation of the events.

    I’m undecided so will wait and see.. on the one hand paying for something you’ve had for free for so long sticks in the craw a bit (see Strava) but on the other if they can pool resources and investment across XC/DH/Enduro they might raise the bar for coverage (fingers crossed!). Sounds like RW is not currently on board for next year though..

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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