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  • DH World Champs Race Report (Basically, one big spoiler)
  • rockitman
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    The track in Les Gets was fantastic and the crowds turned out in such numbers that this was definitely the biggest World Champs of all time. 

    By rockitman

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    DH World Champs Race Report (Basically, one big spoiler)

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    excellent write up… words and even pics don’t do justice to the levels of crazy there. We stood in the hill just above the tables/gaps… it was absolutely bonkers. The noise, the people… the crazy… bonkers.

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    It’s got to be the raddest race I’ve watched ever(on the telly I mean)
    The riders are just incredible and I was elated for the men to have a French 1,2,3 IN FRANCE!
    Bruni is just such a talented rider and to come back to that and beat the seemingly unstoppable Pieron under such pressure is mind blowing quite honestly.
    Felt a bit French for a bit for the podiums 😂

    Was so happy for Valli and it was lovely to watch her excited parents, though if I’m honest, I’ve become a bit of a Nina Hoffman fan from the Syndicate videos. She’s funny and fast as hell and great to see her rise.
    The juniors too. Stoked for Jordan. I mean, just so much wonderful positivity all over the whole event.

    Really did feel like watching a great moment in history.
    Still buzzing from all the coverage and positive vibes coming from all the riders and supporters.

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    Sad for T-Bone. Hope he finds his sweet spot next year. Also sad for Finn, who, no doubt, found his sweet spot and will be back next year.

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