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  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Great to see more cameras and more action from the track, shame the extra bits that Frewecaster used to do have gone, quali/practice round ups, pit walks, guests in the booth. Hope they can take what they have and get mobile round the place in the run up.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    The coverage has been awesome but the last race was definitely the high point. Best I’ve seen. Loving the use of the cable cameras. They seem to finally communicate the speeds reached by the riders.


    Loving the use of the cable cameras

    Indeed! The cable cams from the last two races looked ace. Lets hope the quality of the coverage keeps on improving as it did over the course of this year.


    ok, lets ignore the result to an exciting final…

    But wasn’t the video coverage on Red Bull great!! This has improved every event and Sundays race was supurb coverage.

    Well done Red Bull Media.

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    Just finished watching it now. Pretty awesome isn’t it. Easily up to the standard that it could be on a mainstream TV.

    And the closing montage to Sail was brill 🙂

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    cable cams were pretty cool. think last weekends was a bit windy, but the cable cam still pretty good for the fast part of the course.

    miss the guests in the commentary box. And Rob Warner having to hand over to Anneke Beerten for 5 minutes, so he can go for a slash mid-commentary.

    Free to view for all races, including World Championships is cool. As is not having spoilers on the replay page.


    Yup great coverage

    Fire up the browser click on play no fuss no bother

    Rob Warner makes it. I don’t think I would find it as interesting if someone else was commentating

    Premier Icon Northwind

    It’s not always been great but they’ve really got it nailed now- the cable cam at the weekend was superb. Every so often I think “Wish you could see more of each run” but then that’s just the gaps- there’s always more than one person on track.

    I did like the old Freecaster extras though. Rob Warner getting Brett Tippie or Cedric Gracia in to cause trouble… (CG spending 5 minutes live on air hitting on Anneke Beertens, and almost getting slapped for his efforts, class)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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