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  • Hello all,

    I know DH is dead apparently 😆 however I’m sure some of you lot on here are thus zombies and still ride it and I’ve seen mention of at least one of you owning a Socom, though it might have just been for sale in the classifieds 😛 however I digress.

    So I’m out in WA (Oz) its hot and pretty flat. My V10 is back in the UK and I’m still waiting for Fox to warranty repair my shoddy 2013 34 CTD (Don’t buy them, just don’t) on my Nomad.

    Bought a cheap ’10 Socom off ebay to keep me going in the interim, it’s coming with some ’09 boxxer race, cheap and cheerful and 32mm etc etc…

    Been offered some NOS ’08 Totem solo airs (were these the ones that always broke?) which I’m considering swapping the boxxers out for or possibly some Fox 36 Van 180’s (however they are 2013’s so Im wary – are the ’13 36 RC2 as bad as the CTD stuff?).

    What’s the consensus on a Socom with single crowns on? Guessing weight wise the Boxxer race and Totems of that era are a similar weight.

    Tracks here are not particularly steep at all, more like rough flowy single track style etc so it doesn’t need to be super slack / loads of travel, I ride most of it on my Nomad to be honest.


    P.s. Yes I know it’s an Intense and I know its going to crack on the chain stays / implode and I said I’d never buy one but it was about 600gbp for the full bike and its 8″ and VPP so it’l do until I get my forks back / am reunited with my V10.

    36 RC2 are fine… just the CTD’s that are bobbins.


    There used to be lots of pictures of Socoms built as super duty trail bikes with 160mm forks, posted on the MTBR forum, mostly in the US rather than Europe. I use the past tense only because they don’t make it anymore but I imagine there are still lots of people buying second hand Socoms and building them up this way.

    I did actually test a Socom, years ago when they first came out, built with single crown 170mm forks. I rode it down the Cwmcarn DH track and found it pretty scary to be honest. It didn’t ride like a DH bike but then the guy managing the demo (Nigel Page) admitted it hadn’t been built as a DH bike.

    You could always fit an angle reducer head set if you wanted to run it as a DH bike and felt the handling was too nervous with a shorter travel fork. Overall the lack of travel wasn’t an issue; it was more about handling.

    I have to say though, that at the time I rode it I was relatively inexperienced at riding DH (not that I am any better now) so my opinions may be a bit naive.

    The a2c on a Totem is about the same as a Boxxer, there’ll be little or no difference with head angle on those.


    The race internals on the race Boxxers aren’t great, the Vans will be good but the 180’s are pretty heavy, the Totems would be sweet but there is that niggle in my my mind about the air version too, only ever owned the coil ones and they were lovely, so stiff too with the large stanchions

    Tough one

    I think the first Socoms were 67deg HA then this was reduced to 66.5 and apparently the last ones were a degree slacker still but it’s hard to find accurate info. Either way its slacker than my Nomad.

    I guess I’ll see how it rides with the boxxers, just gig kinda used to a 160mm single crown nomad and was thinking I making it a light DH bike as the V10 I have is the ‘big’ bike. That said Totems are the same weight as the boxxers pretty much!

    Yeah it was the damping in the boxxers than put me off too. Went of my 2010 Boxxer teams and bought Fox 40.

    My other thought is an Avalanche AVA cart for the boxxers.


    I’d probably take a punt on the Totems and covert to coil if they fail/leak

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