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    Just bought a second hand DH bike that has an ISIS chainset.

    The Race Face BB seems in decent nick at the moment but on the basis that it’ll last a matter of weeks I want to get an idea of replacements when the time comes.

    Problem is the frame has a 100mm bottom bracket shell so the question is what options are out there? I’m thinking external bearing style but Saint only seems to go up to 83mm shell.


    What you bought? DH team?
    Aye, Saints won’t work.
    Raceface do 100mm external BB DH cranksets
    Profiles can be used 100mm with the longest axle
    (FSA) 100mm ISIS BBs never lasted more than a ride without developing play for me. still run fine for years tho, just with annoying rattle/play.


    email Joan he is Mr Race Face marketing guru.


    Cheers GW. DH Comp, PHatest bike I’ve ever had so far.

    Scruff, shame the £ is so weak Will could have bought me something nice back as a wedding present.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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