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  • Devon coast to coast to the clunker last week… Pics
  • Plymouth to okehampton, to Barnstaple to porlock… On a cross check and ti Fargo.

    Breakfast at swanage, about one mile in to the ride

    Cornering the pannier market

    Breakfast beer on a damp morning. Log fire in July was a bonus

    Wine and cheese break on the sustrans route

    Oh crap, bridge is missing, and we really didn’t fancy the massive detour

    So socks off and in we go

    Exmoor, about 500m up and it’s hot and steep

    First titanium bike in the clunker… I was red carded.


    Excellent timing Charlie – am just starting to look at doing the Devon C2C, so you’ve just completely sold it to me.

    Where was the bridge out, and how long was the detour?


    Blokes – tick
    Bikes – tick
    Beer – tick


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    A pot of beans? Well LA DE DA.
    Nice pics though. Looks like a great trip.


    Looks like a great little trip.
    How far is it and how long did it take?


    Nice, i’ve always fancied attending the “Clunker” but thought my bikes were too posh – clearly not!!!



    The old Mtb Pro Westcountry Way Plymouth to Minehead offroad route is better 🙂


    Got a link/route dibbs?

    The bridge detour was not on the coast to coast part, so don’t worry

    Excellent route, the c2c is 100 miles.

    We covered 140 miles in 48 hours inc 18 hours sleep, and a burn around Tavistock bmx track.

    The pot of beans is great for bean management

    More info….

    70% traffic free routes.
    Barnstaple does not appear to have any good pubs.


    Here you go ontor:-

    Did it in a day (20hrs) once with a couple of mates (I was much fitter then).

    Edit:- link to the original book

    Dibs… Is that old route any good. I have heard mixed things.

    I’ve still got the book here. Might fargo it if I can get a few days off.


    I’ve just checked when I last did it (May 2002) so it could well have changed in places, I think the Plym Valley cycle path has improved a lot.
    The Exmoor bit is definitely the harder of the two moors and the link between the moors is a bit tedious but I still think its worth a try.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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