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  • Details of 2022 Nukeproof full suspension bikes
  • Ben_Haworth
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    Nukeproof aim to be as clear as to when bikes and frame will arrive. Included below is a full delivery schedule for 2022 guide expectations.

    By ben_haworth

    Get the full story on our front page at:

    Details of 2022 Nukeproof full suspension bikes

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    Some of the best looking bikes around.

    Those illustrations are brilliant – kudos to Frances!

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    Wish they’d been in stock when I bought my SC hightower……

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    ‘How bad is the stock situation?’

    ‘Our promo shots of the bikes are drawings…’

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    Those illustrations are superb, well done Frances – watch your back JoB 🙂

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    Samples landed very late, so not one to launch with white background shots. We’ve loved Frances work for some time and so this was a perfect excuse to work with her. a lot of Stock is in stores now

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    Interesting that the frame weights of the Alloy Mega 290 and Carbon Alloy 290 are basically the same – 3.8Kg (less than 100g difference). I was looking at Transition Sentinals – their Carbon frame is 3.2kg, with the Alloy 4.4kg

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    Been following Frances’ for a while now. So pleased her work has been picked up by a brand – well done Nukeproof!

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    Those drawings are not far off photo quality – nice work indeed.

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    Those pictures are cracking; I thought they were stylised photos at first.

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    Didn’t realise they were illustrations until I read the comments. Amazing.

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    I liked the look of the Reactor, but 3k for Deore and an Aluminium frame seems a lot.
    Nukeproof are probably not being “expensive”, I just havent adjusted my mindset to how things are now.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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