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  • DESPERATELY need Crank Bothers Spoke
  • Premier Icon wwaswas

    Cheap new wheel might be easiest solution?

    Or borrow a wheel off a mate?

    Premier Icon Speeder

    Where are you? If you’re anywhere near Cheltenham, I could lend you a pair of wheels.


    Premier Icon Speeder

    They’re not Crank Bros though, you’d never see me with any of that proprietary spoke sh*t 😉

    Sorry couldn’t resist. 😳

    I’ve just retrieved my spare wheelset that a friend had borrowed and the wheel is in appalling condition. needs new bearings, at least three spokes replacing and truing. so that’s a massive disappointment.

    thanks speeder, but i’m in north shropshire unfortunately 🙁

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    I’d lend you mine, but they’re 5 bolt 😳

    bugger, thanks anyway bearnecessities!

    Premier Icon piha

    I’ve got 3 CB wheels I don’t use but I’m darn sarf.


    Give 2pure a ring they brought them in might have a spare.


    tried to call them, but they were closed by the time i got back.
    they’re based in Edinburgh unfortunately, otherwise i could have called in on the way to dover!

    Off to the alps tomorrow evening and just managed to break a spoke on my Crank Bros Iodine wheel. does anyone know of any shops that might have them in stock, or anyone that would have one?
    I’ve tried Llandegla’s OPA as well as Tweeks cycles but no luck!

    seems that my holiday maybe over before it starts! 🙁

    Premier Icon Speeder

    The offer still stands, you could make a detour to pick them up. Don’t think it’s that far out of the way.

    Though thinking about it what spec are you after?

    Front – qr, 15mm or 20mm &

    Rear – qr or 12mm rear and 135mm or 150mm?

    I’ve got spares but I’m in Manchester if I can help???

    thanks again speeder, but we’re on the long haul down the m1 so it’d be a long detour unfortunately.

    chrisdiesel, you may have saved my life. i could head up to manchester tomorrow to buy one from you if i can’t source any others locally. would you be ok with that?!


    If chrisdiesel sorts you out I will replace them FOC and a wee extra for being a legend.

    Mark @ 2pure

    Hi andy give me a contact or an e mail and ill arrange to get my new spokes to you tomorrow I work near the Trafford centre

    Mark I’ve just checked I’ve got x2 complete iron grey brand new iodine spokes


    Does the OP need nipples or spokes? The bits you mention chrisd sound like nipples.

    X2 of both . thin bit and thick bit that screws together.
    Mark I got them from you for my Mtb holiday!!!


    Winner. You rule the hardest.

    If you can hook up and sort the man out you win.

    Email me on markdownie AT uk with your address and expect post in return.

    Andy: let me know if you want em. cpursehouse at hot mail dot com


    I love STW sometimes 🙂

    yeah chris that would be fantastic. my email is
    phone number 07900402812

    it’s the thick bit that has broken

    just spoke to the man now. he is a lifesaver. thanks so much for everyones help. Andy 😀

    Premier Icon stimpy

    How great can STW be? Happy happy thread 😀

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    yippee 😀

    Picked up the spoke from Chris today, so I’m off on my holiday now! Much thanks to Chris, the guy is a legend.
    And thanks to everyone else who offer to help. 😀

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