Desperate for some super warm gloves

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  • Desperate for some super warm gloves
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    I’m really feeling the cold in my hands now when out walking…and with 3 spaniels, I’m out every day. I’ve a pair of Sealskinz all weather gloves, great on the bike, but just don’t keep my hands warm walking. Used to have some woollen gloves that were good.

    Anyone got any recommendations, not bothered by technical stuff or waterproof, just warm!

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    montaine and over mitts if its raining

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    Just buy a pair of heat holder thermal gloves from Builders Merchant £6, I got mine from Selco

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    Tried liner gloves under some insulated gloves?


    Hestra Falt Guide Gloves are great. Never had cold hands with them on.
    Not cheap, but mine are probably 10+ years old, have seen a lot of use, and still spot on.

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    To elaborate on my earlier comment, I used to have a pair of Sealskinz MTB gloves that were the only things which did the job when it got a few degrees below – but were too bulky for technical riding.

    Now when it’s really cold I wear some Polaris liner gloves under some Aldi winter cycling gloves and my hands stay toastie with good bar feel.

    Works just as well on dog walks.

    I won’t go outside without gloves between October and March.

    Silk glove liners and leather gloves are the optimum mix for warm / windproof / maintain a level of dexterity


    Take a look at PH Designs gloves & mitts. They make some serious cold weather gear and British made too.

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    As El Vino says, just go in to your local builders merchants and you’ll be spoiled for choice.

    My gloves for the ‘Puffer cost me £4.

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    People who use pogies really rate them. I haven’t taken the plunge yet.

    I’ve got a pair of Giro Proofs that are massively bulky and a pain to do up, but seem to be quite toasty when on.


    Just get some mittens (spaniels will love em or is that kittens) and stick some liners inside so if you take them off (like messing with a lead or going in a pocket) they still have a covering.

    Decathlon waterproof ski mittens, size up to big, bloody roasting. 12 quid.

    It might be worth getting checked out by your doctor if you don’t normally feel the cold. I’d been getting more affected by the cold over the last year, initially put it down to age having just turned 40 but after a couple of bloodtests doctor discovered I was borderline anaemic due to low folate levels, 10 days on folic acid tablets and it was like my central heating had been turned back on.

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    Marmot gloves for cycling but the best gloves I’ve ever used. Got them from go outdoors.


    Le Col Winter Gloves working for me.
    Got some in the sales.


    Thanks all, much appreciated

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    I’ve got a pair of North Face gloves, for the UK I don’t need a liner underneath them, in Finland recently it was -22, same gloves with a silk liner was fine.

    I have always suffered with cold hands and feet and last winter discovered the dissent 133 ultimate cycling glove pack £95 but it’s 4 pairs of various layering for all seasons, now I don’t suffer

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    Rooster liners

    I use these under my MTB gloves and other stuff in the winter and the degree of extra warmth is quite surprising and they’re very thin and comfy.


    I’m outdoors all day, but I have to be able to use a handheld device, and gloves with touch-screen fingertips are rubbish, they just don’t give enough accuracy when using a phone, so when it’s cold, like it has been the last few days I wear Thinsulate-lined woolly shooters-mits. The only disadvantage is when car screens have a lot of condensation on the inside, I have to squeegee it off before I can drive, and it gets the glove wet, which means chilly fingertips, but most of the time my fingers are nice and warm, I’ll quite often just have my right index finger exposed while using my handheld for data input, then tuck my finger back into the warm.
    Works a treat.
    £5/pair, I’ve got several pairs, they’re the mutts wotsits. 😁


    I find extra layers on my arms help keep my hands warm. Try wearing a set of arm warmers. I think there’s some logic in it.


    Keeping your wrists warm is important. There’s no point in having warm gloves and a big gap between glove and sleeve


    I picked up a pair of neoprene ones in Aldi yesterday, fishermans gloves using same principle as countzero’s. I’m hoping for a fiver that they’ll be grand for work. The tips fold back on 2 fingers and thumb so I can use my touchscreen device and just flip the tips back when I get the frozen stuff out of the van. Could’nt find my bike gloves last night so used these, they were very good for an hour and a half, actually a bit warm to start off.

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