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  • thepodge

    A lot of roads are closed from 6:30 am I’d check and double check your planned route is open

    I’m stopping in Dronfield, south of Sheffield Saturday night and was planning on riding somewhere to watch it from there sunday morning, although the ride to holme moss and back looks like it would probably do me in, it does appear to be the best place to catch the action

    Taking the road bike, also thinking of taking the car part way, to Ladybower for instance then doing the rest by bike?

    Although i may just settle for a place on coate de jenkin road, but have no idea what that area is like?


    Snake, woodhead and Strines are closed so you’ve got a long ride round if you park at ladybower

    where can i find a list of road closures?

    i’d be better then just cycling the actual route up to holme moss

    north sheffield – a6102, left a616, left a628 etc

    is it a tough cycle up?


    Not sure, I only know snake and woodhead are closed as people commuting from Manchester have told me they’ve seen signs

    Thinking of driving up on Sat evening and staying in Gatley , south Mancs on Sat night.
    My plan , which is very open and weather dependant , is to drive out on Sunday morning to somewhere like Buxton, or Chapel en le and park up somehwere . The roads out of Gatley are not the nicest , plus the return is in the wrong direction for me.
    I will then road ride up to the junction of the road out of Holme Moss and the Woodhead pass at the woodhead resevoir.

    Hopefully the majority of people will be on the ascent of Holme Moss , So I might get to see something other than the back of someones head. Afters road ride back to Buxton , or whatever is recommended then drive to Newcastle under Lyme and pick up the motorway south.

    What I am after is a recomendation of where to park and ride out from, how long it should take , what to expect traffic wise etc Or is this just silly and what I should do is stay at home in front of tele or Grab the 575 and ride up the Pennine way a ways and watch from afar?

    Not neccessarily

    You can ride on the stage 1 and 2 routes on race days. The route must be clear 30 minutes before the caravan comes through, approximately two hours before the race itself. This guidance may change on the day, so please follow direction from race stewards if you are asked to clear the route.

    Once the last police vehicle in the race convoy has passed after the race, cyclists can ride on the route again. The roads will stay closed to vehicles for a period to allow the crowds to leave. When it is safe to do so, official and operational vehicles will come on to the route to remove any infrastructure, clean the streets and collect staff before the road fully reopens.

    Normal rules of the road apply, so make sure you cycle on the correct side of the road. Even though the roads are closed to normal traffic, official and operational vehicles and emergency vehicles may be on the route, so be aware. Cyclists should ride safely and responsibly, and be mindful of vehicles, pedestrians and other road users on the route.


    I might drive to ladybower then ride cutgate to Langsett?


    Ladybower over cutgate is a good bet as it gets you access to either holmemoss or midhope /bradfield every road is closed main route wise and every branch road has a little sign saying your car will be towed

    Plenty of parking at langsett though and at flouch end of woodhead it has miffed a fair few folks who don’t give a toss re the TDF as its made going anywhere a bit of a mare


    I thought the op was planning on road riding so cut gate is out but there are a lot of miles between Holme moss and Jenkin to see them


    we have parking and camping on our fields at the end of the wood head road, Manchester end that is, we are right at the place where the road is closed, tintwistle if your interested, and right next to where the bus stop which is taking people up wood head, if you want any more info, give us a text or ring me on 07833 450 666


    Is it ok to ride a bike on Pennine Way? Or is it classed as a footpath?


    I’m hoping to drive over to Glossop and ride up the Longdendale trail to where Holme Moss meets the Woodhead road, as I need to be back in Whaley Bridge for half 6 that evening, tempted to Cut Gate though if the weather is good.

    Was up there today, loads of roadies out, good to see….all the laybys, verges and entrances blocked by stones, signs all over….reckon it’s going to be mayhem, big screen scaffolding being erected at the top of Holme Moss….still puzzled where to go.

    I’m stopping in Glossop and heading down early in the morning, am thinking somewhere on the rise towards Sheffield on the Woodhead, the descent looks and drove great, though I’m thinking the crowds might make it unbearable!

    Think it’s given rain too…doh!


    Premier Icon woody21

    I was thinking of parking on the Strines / Mortimer Road and then walking towards Midhopestones area, not sure if the Strines will be open though – unless anyone knows any different


    Part of Strines is closed, not sure how much

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