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  • Deore vs SLX
  • dan1980

    Planning a new build around an mmmBop frame and a pair of 120-150 Revelations.

    Being a bit of a cheapskate, I’m wondering if there is enough of a difference between the performance of SLX vs Deore to warrant an 80 quid price difference in the components I need (shifters, F&R derailures, chainset & cassette)

    I think I actually prefer the look of the 2010 deore chainset in silver…..

    The SLX chainset looks great.


    The SLX chainset is a really nice piece of kit and well worth the extra over the Deore model. I’d definitely go the whole hog and stump up the extra for the SLX stuff as I believe it’s possibly the best value for money stuff oput there for performance/functionality and finish/looks.

    I recently fitted some Deore stuff onto a mate’s bike. The chainset looks great, but the rear mech seems flimsy. I’d mix’n’match or go for a full SLX if I could afford it.


    Go for SLX.

    There is a major difference in performance when everything is covered in goo and your changing under pressure.

    Deore Chainsets are brilliant value with BB inc for around £55.

    A friend of mine who’s an ex-pro XC racer and LBS owner reckons Deore Chainsets are the best coz they “never bend”.

    I’d get the Deore Chainset, Fr Mech and cassette. SLX Shifters and Rear Mech.

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    You’re all mad.

    Deore all the way. It’s spot on, Cheap, Durable and a bit stealth.
    It rocks.

    I do ride SLX/XT but on my Thrash bike i use Deore.


    Deore – the chainset, chain and cassette will all wear out eventually (the deore chainset probably slower because its steel) so youre throwing more money away strictly speaking!! For most folks it seems to be simply buying into the bling – does a weight saving really benefit you that much? do you truely see the performance difference or do you simply prefer the fact that your bike has slx/xt/xtr as opposed to deore or alivio (yep alivio is now nine speed too £130 at woolly hat). I have a hardrock and whilst most of the time it fits in with the stereotype and is used for a cheap commute/hack bike I have used it offroad and made better progress than folk with much more expensive bikes .My main advise is use something youre happy and comfortable with but try not to fall for the “more money must be better” a good example would be forks. typically a fork such as this years recon will have last years revelation parts yet be far less – at one time 8spd was the dogs…

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    If you can afford the £80 wihtout your children going hungry then SLX is definitely worth the extra.

    Decent weight difference and shifters much better quality. Deore ones very plasticky and can’t be mounted outside brake levers without a messy bodge.


    SLX is better quality and lighter than Deore, it’s worth paying the extra and looked better too.

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    sofatester – Member

    “There is a major difference in performance when everything is covered in goo and your changing under pressure.”

    Don’t think this is the case at all, in fact all my shimano chainsets (2 XTRs and an SLX) now have deore middle rings and SLX little rings on them and they shift as well as they did with their expensive, short-lived standard rings on.

    I’d still recommend SLX, it sits at a really sweet performance/price point and also has a better BB. (I weighed the arms, SLX is only about 70 grams heavier than XTR M970, surprising)

    personally, i’ve always been a sram set up type of person. no particular reason, just turned out that way, and never been dissapointed.
    more recently, i’ve kitted out the superlight with slx, and must admit, i’m very impressed with the smooth shifting!
    seem to recall, i once ran an old fsr with deore, and i don’t remember it being any worse than anything else around at the time.

    probably doesn’t help at all, sorry 😐


    I would get the the full drivetrain of SLX, it was voted the best in 2011 What Mountain Bike mag last month, forget the Deore as it’s too heavy, it’s ok for a cheap low level mtb bike, mmmBop frame deserved SLX spec.

    SLX is great, and lets you go 10 speed which I can thoroughly recommend.

    I’ve never run a full groupset, just picked & chosen components based on price, performance, & looks, so in the past I’ve has a mix of old STX through to XT on the same bike.

    Current bike (Pipedream Sirius 853) has SLX chainset & rearmech, XT front mech. Shifters are one Deore & one XT. BB is SLX. Casette is SRAM, chain is KMC.


    I wasn’t expecting to see this thread reselected!

    In the end I opted for a deore chainset and hub, slx shifters and rear derailure to go with revelation team 120-140, SLX brakes and truvativ Hussefelt finishing kit (40mm stem)

    I love this bike, it’s so much fun. Every time I point it downhill I get a silly grin on my face.

    Not best picture in the world….


    SLX for me good quality and performs excellent.

    Ha 😀 nice mmmBop, I’ve just built one, great fun…down hill is boggling fun…

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