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  • Premier Icon plumslikerocks

    I’ve finally had it with my Juicys. Been looking at SLX brakes for a while and thought that was what I wanted. However, a mate of mine rocked up for a ride with some new Deores and they look identical to the SLXs.

    In terms of what I want:

    Reach adjust – yes
    free play adjust – not bothered
    leverahe adjust – not bothered
    decent weight – preferred
    finned pads – def not bothered
    durable finish / longevity – preferred

    which is my best bet?


    If it was me, and I was trying to avoid spending money I would…..

    Buy the deore brakeset @ £55 per end
    buy the XT vented pads & floating (?) rotors £?
    buy the XT reach adjust knob £?


    AFAIK the leverage ratios, piston sizes etc are identical, its just the materials used that affect the weight/performance/price.
    Personally I like the deores a lot, and at £60 per end (retail!) they are unbeatable at that money (or nearly double that TBH). their only let down is the cheap looking/heavy rotors, hence I would go for the XT’s


    I think the deore are £39.99 an end on crc

    Premier Icon plumslikerocks

    yep, it was the £40 per end that got me thinking….

    next question – will I be able to reuse my Avid IS to post mount 180mm adaptor or will I have to buy a shimano one?


    As I understand it, XT/SLX almost identical bar the shouting. Deore has a different caliper which uses the older XTR/XT pads, or it did on 2012 models.

    Just replaced my juicy 5’s with some new Deore M596’s and used the original avid adapters and they fit perfectly. As all the mounts do is convert one standard mount to another this should always be the case.

    Premier Icon plumslikerocks

    Cheers all. Johnny – glad to have made the change?!


    I just swapped from Avid Elixir 7’s to M785 XT brakes and they are superior in every way imho.

    Mind you, I’d have to say that wouldn’t I?


    PS. It’s true!

    Premier Icon bigad40

    XT ice tech rotors and pads are THE FIRST BRAKES THAT WORK for me.
    180mm rotors and it seriously is the first time I have felt like they go from speed to taking speed off with loads of feel.
    Ok so I weigh 118kgs or 17.5 stone and prefer going downhill…
    Previous brakes were old 4pot XTs
    Had some hope M4s with 205 rotor on the front, they were good but not brilliant.
    These new XTs are truly amazing.

    Avid juicys never worked well for me. Always suffered with sticky pistons and as a consequence dragging pads. Tool free change always required a flat bladed screw driver to push the pistons in even after squeezing out excess fluid. Got old style circa 2007 xt on the other bike that have always worked perfectly. I figure that the new Deore 596 will be a similar animal and work just as well as the 5 year old xt’ s.
    The bike is still on the workstand so haven’t tried them except on there.


    the deore brakes are excellent

    the only reason to get the slx or xts is weight/ shinyness

    Free post at Rosebikes temporarily and a discount code on Facebook if you do some Googling.

    I think you can get SLX for £55ish an end there, the free postage is £100+.


    Running SLX and XT ice tech rotors and non finned pads on both bikes…work brilliantly for me rain or shine!


    Urgh, I’m always having slight niggles with my very old school 7’s I feel i’ve really stuck with them through achingly annoying times!

    Everyone replying here about moving from Avids to even just deore’s is really making me contemplate. I just want hassle free riding, I don’t get that much in at all which is probably the only reason I can just about stick with the juicys!

    Value for money is deore then? And buy some nice pads and add the reach controller (can you do that?) seems an easy way to save money!?

    If i use my current rotors and adaptors is pretty much plug and play as well right? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tempting….

    Premier Icon transporter13

    I bought a set of new deores to replace old juicys on my xc bike. Put them on and have had no problems (other than not quite enough fluid in as I’d like for my preference) and I’m seriously considering putting them on my dh bike as i run 203mm rotors on both bikes. They feel more powerful than the elixir 5’s that I use at the moment and they are running perfect.
    For the money, I can’t understand why anyone would anything else unless they were boiling their brakes regularly.


    Love my deore brakes, running with the latest non ice tech xt discs and superstar pads. they don’t look as blingy as slx/xt which I like and the stubby levers just feel right for me. Used them in the alps first up and after a crash are a bit scuffed but evidently robust. can’t believe slx/xt offer that much more power although I’m sure the ice tech gubbins offers an advantage in certain circumstances. The tooled reach adjustment is easy to use and once done is set. The only pain is the pad retaining clip as slx/xt can take a proper pin, and I’m sure xt is constructed out of nicer materials.

    They weigh a bit more than my previous avid elixir r (circa 50g per end?) and what I call low speed feel is not quite as good but better in every other respect. As my avids had 185 discs, could not get the shimano front caliper to fit playing around with fittings which was a nice excuse to buy some new 180 discs.

    Have both the XT and Deore currently and whilst the Deore are really good, XT are way more powerful as they have sevo wave. As pointed out before the Deore also have older style calipers/pads.If you buy from Germany the Deore cost around £30 per end withot discs; that sold it for me.


    Deore do have servo wave, mind.

    Premier Icon garlando

    I’ve really struggled with the deore’s on my XTC 29ER. they have always felt really wooden + the lever keeps breaking free where its held onto the top of the piston by the circlip. They could def do with a bleed for sure, but looking to replace on both bikes (never had a moment’s bother with juicy 5s on stumpy, just getting old with quite a bit of play in the lever). And not sure where to go.

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    Herman Shake – Member
    Free post at Rosebikes temporarily and a discount code on Facebook if you do some Googling.

    I think you can get SLX for £55ish an end there, the free postage is £100+.

    XT at £60/£63 an end, free postage (on orders over €100) and (hopefully) a €10 facebook discount code – ordered!


    Everyone loves a bargain, someone told me about these the other day –
    £14.99 per deore brake. Someone on here said they ordered them and got the whole brake for this price not just the calipers (no discs)

    New XT brakes ordered, thanks for the heads up RE Rose.


    Anyone know if the Rosebikes XT ones have the cooling fins on the callipers? Or do all XT now have fins?

    Any know the discount code


    I’ve just got a set of xt from rose bikes and they came fitted with standard pads and not the finned ones.

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    The fins are on the pads, not the calipers. These came with non finned pads.

    The discount code is individually generated – you had to ‘Like’ Rosebikes on Facebook first – not sure this is still running.

    Likewise the free postage on orders over €100 – may have finished?

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