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  • haggis1978

    Deore or 2nd hand SLX from the classifieds. Avids are crap.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Don’t get Avids, when a mtb’r comes in to the shop and mentions they have a problem with their brakes 9 times out of 10 they are Avids and our hearts sink that little bit further, and yes…we do know how to bleed them but Avids are the achilles heel of every bike shop. And the levers are irritatingly flimsy and end up going sloppy.

    Deore +1, only had one 8 year old shimano brake fail, had 2 sets of elixir 5’s go!


    My bike has got avid elixir 5 sl fitted and there crap been bled by 2 dif shops and by my self 5 times in 10mth ever time they are great for about 2weeks leaver feels firm then just turns to sponge (air) new seal fitted buy 1 shop 4weeks ago say they said air was passing them……any way there crap again so was looking to replace them with these are they any good. ? Or should I stick with avids and try to get them sorted..

    Sorry for long post.



    Like somafunk says, as everyone who has ever worked in a shop knows, Avids are soul destroying to work on, they are so awful. Go Shimano.


    Thanks people think I will order a set of Deore or SLX


    +1 for SLX.

    Replaced some Avid Elixir mag versions with SLX and never looked back. Couldn’t get the Avid’s bled properly, they didn’t have enough power in the Alps even with big rotor and I didn’t like the strange lever shape (not much of a hook at the end).


    Avids are great for the first 12 months
    Then good for the bin

    Shimano SLX or deore would be my choice for the £££ in fact that’s what I bought
    When my avid 5’s had been bled / rebuilt – good money after bad
    Hope are v pretty but mega £££ and not as trouble free as the big s

    Plus they do the servo wave thing that helps reduce
    Pad drag when it’s manky

    That’s worth the cash alone !!!


    Thanks for the info.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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