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  • woodsman

    I need two old fillings replaced, one amalgum and one white, both moelars. The white is by far the newest but has eroded away, I’m thinking of going back to amalgum and these appear to last much longer??


    I have white fillings including on molars that I far prefer to amalgam ones – I guess there are different white types. Personally I hate amalgum ones – they never “feel right”


    Gold inset with diamonds every time,is there any other type avaiable?


    Amalgam will last longer than the old “white” ones. I’m pretty sure there are some much more advanced materials used now though – I’ve got a nice white one that seems to be last well. Bit more expensive but worth it in the long run I guess.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    do they still do amalgam ? (i thought mercury was a bit frowned upon these days)


    I did some research on internet of course, and there is nothing to suggest the mercury levels are in any way harmful.

    How much have white filling material changed in 7-8 years if at all?
    That’s the age of the one that needs to be replaced!

    The issue with amalgam was that poor mixing techniques meant that tiny beads of mercury wouldn’t mix and if exposed through wear and tear would get into the body via the gut. todays mixing techniques are far more thorough. White fillings have possible issues of leaching estrogen so they’re far from perfect…


    Estrogen! So white fillings could impair my map reading abilities?

    Premier Icon paul4stones

    Depends depends depends

    Best = gold (no really)

    Amalgam is much less technique sensitive when being placed and generally lasts longer with fewer complications. Better for big/deep fillings in back teeth.

    White ones are improving all the time (as are the methods of placing them which are critical)but still wear more and are more prone to leaking. And just because they’re white doesn’t mean they’re ‘clean’ Ok for smaller fills in back teeth or situations where their adhesive properties are useful.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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