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  • My 8 year old godson has his milk teeth sticking forwatrd with his adult teeth fully grown below them. The adult teeth are slightly pushed back by the milk teeth.

    His mother is not sure if the milk teeth should be pulled out or left alone. If they are left alone will they contiunue to push his adult teeth out the way?

    She asked for a dental appointment with a new dentist as her old one has retired and she was quoted an August apppointment date!

    Top teeth if it makes a difference. Photos can be provided in the morning if necessary


    does he have any shark DNA?

    No but his uncle was a (piano) tuna

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    Like this:

    My eldest, she’s 11 now, dentist says no worries, there’s plenty of time for them to straighten out as the skull and jawbone grow, and braces as a teenager if their still wonky then.

    Find another dentist?

    If her old one retired, she should still be registered at the practice, in which case an August appointment if ridiculous. You could register at a new dentist and be seen before then.

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    My lad lost his last milk teeth at 15, braces went on in December 2008. No worries as midlifecrashes says.


    demand a referral to th’hospital. That’s what we did because his dentist was bobbins. At the hospital we first got a 12 year old girl who had no clue so we demanded someone who knew what they were doing. Then we got some chap who may well have been superb but since he couldn’t speak english we were doubtful, repeat.

    Finally get english speaking bloke who did 500 tests and then spent ages going through the results before insisting taking me through everything in high detail. Splendid. We’ve had him for two years now, he’s taken four of my son’s teeth out (too many teeth, not enough mouth) and the remainder have settled down nicely. He still has some odd teeth coming through which will need taking out but there you go. This guy is great and is proof that by middle class bitching you can get what you need. My son had 6 *extra* teeth which is just crazy.


    i wouldnt worry, all my lads new teeth were almost full out of the gum before his milk teeth even started to wobble. a few weeks after they came out everything settled down, all nice and straight.

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    Brace yourself, this may make your eyes water a little bit.

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    More likely to make they boy’s eyes water, I should think.

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    Today I took my eleven year old to the dental hosp in newcastle to see a consultant regarding her teeth, they look a lot like the photo above and the dentist said exactly the same thing as Midlifecrashes dentist did.
    give it 18months and come back and we’ll see where we are then.

    Thanbks. The mother is reasure and the kid can skip the trip to the dentist. evryone happy

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    Persuade the lad to take up shinty. Cures all front teeth problems.

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