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  • Premier Icon Cougar

    Legal options:
    Send it back for a refund.
    Send it back for a replacement.

    Legal non-options:
    Start making discount demands.

    An offer of a reduction in price is a goodwill gesture, probably the easiest all round for both parties (and 20% off for a wonky foot feels generous to me). If you ask for more and they say no, what do you plan to do then?

    If you buy something new you’ve a right to expect it in new condition, not damaged. How much the damage is worth to you in terms of how much it’ll piss you off vs how much you think you can milk them for, only you can decide. Personally I’d be kicking it back for replacement as I’d assume it’s been dropped and I’d have no idea what internal damage may have also been sustained at the same time.


    Aldi, using the cheapest couriers in existence it seems, delivered me a fridge with one foot a bit stoved in. I can use it as is, or fix it.

    It cost £140+£4 delivery, I’ve neg’d £30 off but I’m thinking I should probably go for more.


    Count to ten then have nice sit down and a beer or two on Aldi.

    On the sofa.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    Ordered our last fridge from Curry’s, had to send 3 back, one had a huge debt, one broken shelf, one had small dent.
    Each time the drivers tried to get me to accept them !

    How much would that all have cost them ?


    Nice sofa Malvern 😛

    Yeah Cougar, not sure I can be arsed arguing any more.

    Something went through the carton so the damage is localised. It works fine.

    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    one had a huge debt

    We had a washing machine with a terrible gambling problem. That’s where all the socks were going, to pay off the loan shark with the foot fetish.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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