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  • Denmark… What's it like? Anyone lived there?
  • Mikkel

    You cant even compare Esbjerg with Grimsby, Esbjerg is quite a nice place realy. Lots of stuff to do, superb swimming stadion, and lots of very active sports clubs, even got a famous music house and museum.
    Ofcourse i was born there so am a little biased.

    And it doesnt even smell of fish anymore, they found a magic way of removing the fish smell from the harbour, a harbour which is mostly used to service oil rigs these days + some container traffic.


    There is only one downhill track in Denmark, on the island of bornholm.
    But in the forrest around Silkeborg there is some nice fast descents to be had.


    Maverick Boy, seems a no brainer take the job. You get to live in another country, learn a new way of life, may even learn a new language. The chicks are fitter than you will ever believe possible and it will look great on the CV. So what if the perception is a bit dull, you have Germany just down the road, Sweden and Norway are a ferry ride away. Do it for 12 months and if it dont fit then move on.

    After my adventure next year I am moving to be with my missus in Sweden, cant wait it will be a challenge learning language and getting a job, dont miss what could be a golden opportunity, whats the worse that could happen.


    Btw you need to remember there is no Marmite to be had in Denmark, but ofcourse it could be an added bonus.
    And if you are a marmite addict, i do ship Marmite over ever so often for a couple of friends who loves the stuff 🙂


    So what if the perception is a bit dull, you have Germany just down the road,

    If he goes to that part of Denmark he won't have to go to Germany, the Germans will come to him every summer

    Premier Icon mboy

    Is the job for Company making windturbines by any chance? cant think of anything else out there.

    Very perceptive of you! I quizzed the bloke interviewing me on the phone yesterday why they're recruiting non-Danes specifically for this role, and his response was "we can't get the skills by recruiting locally"… He had a sense of humour though to be fair, when I mentioned I'd heard that the Tax in Denmark was very high his response was "Tax, what is Tax? We don't have that here in Denmark"… Before he started laughing and apologised!

    PMSL @ The Danish Downhill MTBing video… Dear oh dear! Full suspension bikes NOT required out there eh!

    Maverick Boy, seems a no brainer take the job.

    Errrr… Quite the opposite actually, hence why I'm asking so many questions on an internet forum! I've seen fit girls (and ugly ones) in every country I've been (including the UK funnily enough! Been seeing a rather attractive Portuguese girl recently actually), I've also met loads of Scandinavian girls when I lived in Oxford too. The novelty of window shopping wore thin years ago anyway…

    Also, it's an hour away from any bigger city, 4 hours from the Capital, 4 hours from any big city in Germany… It's REMOTE!!! As a 29 year old guy that likes going out, has a social life, I'm wondering if it would be too remote and boring. Especially given what other have said about the Danes socially not making friends easily etc. I have a friend from school who lives in Malmo, but that's 4 1/2 hrs drive away, and though he rides mountain bikes too, he's also said he has to travel a further 2 hours or so to get to any decent trails in Sweden!

    Sure, it'd be great to learn a new language, and gain an insight to a new culture. But there are LOTS of potential negatives… Another of which being the bloody tax they pay! As I said, the salary they're offering is almost twice what I would get in the UK for the same job, but after tax it would be little or no different, but with increased living expenses too! It's also not the kind of thing I could only make a 12 month commitment to. I'd have to commit myself for 3 years or so I reckon for it to pay off at all.

    So, you ask "what's the worst that could happen?"… Well even if the job was great, I'm worried I could be VERY bored when not at work (which is 3/4 of the time!), be miles from anywhere with no friends, and be out of pocket… All fairly reasonable concerns would you not say?


    I can understand your concerns, that area around Ringkøbing fjord, is the middle of nowhere as far as you can get in Denmark, its personal preference wheter you like that kinda of place.
    If not for them having the factory for windturbines, there wouldnt be much chances of a job in the area either.

    Its Farming and Fishing around there, and not much fishing left.
    Its flat like Lincolshire right around the fjord, but the coast itself is stunning, and it isnt far to some big plantations with alot of singletrack. There is a mountainbiking club not far from Lem aswell. You could also try taking up windsurfing, the fjord is briliant for that, as you dont risk beeing blow out to see (the coast around there is quite a busy spot for the SAR helicopters in summer lol)

    Dont think you will have problems finding friends in Denmark though.(you can always get my brothers tel nr and call him saying you got a few beers 😉

    Think might best advice at the moment will be to go over there for a visit and have a tour round the area to see for youself.
    Easily done in a weekend with a flight to Billund, ofcourse renting a car can be quite pricy, but could possible help set you up with someone to take you for a little tour if interested.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Oh, and @ Goz

    Cheers mate, good to chat to you yesterday afternoon mate.

    Incidentally, have had a 2nd interview for the job by Staverton Airport confirmed today, don't think it's going to be til the end of Jan though! Wish they'd hurry up…

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