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  • epicsteve

    Both my kids have had Studio 15's for a year and they've been good.


    Studio's are the better of the two generally. What spec insipiron /studio are you looking at?


    Basically same specs, but Studios are nicer built. Google or try for deals or money off vouchers.


    Mrs M wants a new laptop and has narrowed it down to either a Dell Inspiron 15 or a Dell Studio 15. As I know diddly about this sort of thing does anyone have any experience of either of these laptops please ?


    I would not recommend a Studio at all. I had one for a few weeks but it had far too many faults so I returned it for a refund. The sound quality from the built in speakers was very poor, the touch sensitive soft keys (blue lights above keyboard) had a mind of their own and the build quality in general was quite bad. It seemed to me that Dell had tried to spec as many gadgets as possible into an impossible price point. I can not fault Dells customer service though, I had a fitter out twice who replaced various parts but I was still not happy so they allowed me to return it after a bit of persuasion.

    My mum has an inspiron and thats been really good, no problems at all….


    Inspiron 1520 here think its great but service is a problem. Cracked the screen and its been away 4 weeks tomorrow.

    studio 15 here and very pleased, no issues at all – in contrast to all other makes I've found Dell to be totally reliable.


    Got a Studio 15 12 months ago and its a great laptop. Powerful and a dedicated graphics card.
    Bought mine from MCS Technology Ltd who are an authorised reseller of factory refurbs with 3 year Dell onsite warranties. When it arrived there was a problem with the screen which was rectified in my house within 24hrs. Fantastic service and confidence inspiring – i also paid £200 less than the same machine via Dell Outlet!!
    Heres a link to a current deal – you can find other specs easily on their website

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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