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  • Delayed Pain Reaction – 6 Hours!!!
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    Out riding yesterday, bike washed out from under me, about 12:00. Many years of martial arts training including break falling techniques was forgotten in an instant and I put my right hand out to break the fall. Got up dusted myself down and rode for another couple of hours.

    Home, showered and carried on for the day. About 18:30 sudden impact pain in my right hand and off to A&E at 21:30. X-ray shows no break but splinted anyway.

    Thought it a bit strange that it took ~ 6 hours for the pain to register. Anyone else had this?

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    Anyone else had this?

    This chap always used to when I saw him;


    Latent pain…

    Yep. Last year I binned it in a tt and came down pretty hard. I swore a lot dusted myself down and road back to HQ. I had a pretty nice patch of road rash but thought I had got away with it, started to feel a bit sore after a few hours. The next day I went to A and E. It turned out I had broken my collar bone,but I was still not too bad. The naxt day, bugger me I could hardly move and hurt from head to toe and my whole body felt really weak and pathetic. It took a week before I could move around properly.

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    Wrist fractures particularly difficult to diagnose – don’t be surprised if you get a phone call over the next day or two asking you to come back in once a consultant has taken a second look.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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