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  • fisha

    Mat, yeah, it was a hoot off road … but not as fun as the old rangie

    Need to stop looking at this thread ! I want my old landie back.

    I keep saying to the missus that there is still a play car in me yet … i keep thinking I want a defender again,

    with one of these in it … my V8 I rebuilt

    So I can get that good old V8 sound back again … RRC with my V8 engine


    Mat – consensus seems to be that out of the factory the new Wuntens have a fair bit of adjustment in the steering locks left to play with. You should be able to squeeze a better turning circle out of it, but it will never be good!

    Nice vehicle btw! 110 Utility here, cant decide whether to part with it or not. Head says yes, heart says no!


    fisha – very nice 300tdi county station wagon in epson green! have you got wheel spacers on it? it looks well planted.

    Well, actually …


    it wasn’t epson green, it was a mica-metallic Coniston green. Which I’ve never ever seen on another land rover. If you put it beside an Epson green, mine was a lighter colour. Coniston green was the normal non-metallic green colour from that time. First thoughts were that it had been a re-spray, but the internal over-sprays were all metallic too … it came from the factory that colour.

    Also, it had a very low engine serial number for the 300tdi ( sub #100 ) so it makes me wonder whether it was some sort of demo / special order for the 300tdi when it came out.


    Didn’t have spacers, they were black modulars which have a bigger offset than normal alloys. The tyres were 265/75 r16 dirt devils from Bronco. ( Why di I remember these things from years ago! )


    Fisha – lovely! I started out on the Landy hunting mission looking at 50th Anniversary 4.0 V8s but they are super rare and silly priced so went the “modern” route. The TDCi engine does sound pretty cr4p compared to the V8 though! Luckily the soot chucking unit in the 335d sort of makes up for it – still a diesel but a fairly decent sounding one.

    lcj – interesting about the steering! Stupid question time though- what are the “Wuntens?!” Think we’ll have to learn to work around the lack of lock. Love the utility wagons too.

    Fisha – LOL at the number of greens! Ours is Tonga green but looks exactly the same (to me) as Galway green.

    farmer giles

    wuntens = wun ten = 110 (one ten) = 110 inch wheelbase.
    if you want to change the exhaust note, matt, speak to griffen exhausts.
    they currently only do 90s but he is trying to get enough interest from 110 owners.
    i had a stainless steel 3″ exhaust on my td5 which was quiet when driving but barked like a v8 when floored.
    galway green is slightly darker than tonga (i prefer tonga)
    fisha – interesting about the colour; was epsom only p reg and later?
    BEST green for land rover is willow green and looks the mutts with an olive/khaki soft top


    You’ve just bought a wunten! 😆

    Have a look on for lots more info about the Pumas


    DOH! Me being a retard AGAIN!

    Farmer – could be an option but then again, diesel Landies are meant to sound like tractors! Yet to hear any four pot diesel that sounds vaguely nice. A few six and eight pots have a good soundtrack when pushed.

    Finding the torque of the TDCi very handy – it may not have much bhp but it still moves along nicely.


    …mmm V8 Landys. My last trialer.


    Dear Land Rover Track World,

    just heard of a good little modification for Defenders that gives them programmable intermittent wipers, and thought it might interest a few people on here:

    “You need to look on ebay (or at your local scrappy) for a VW wiper relay with the number 99 on it, just swap it with the red wiper relay in the fuse box and hey presto! Now you can push the wiper switch on once, wait till you want your second wipe and push it on and leave it there and it will repeat that timing! Also a short washer press will give you a single wipe and a long press will give you 3/4!”

    I’ve ordered a programmable relay from Fleabay, it cost £13.

    Courtesy of “Hazza” at


    Great everywhere! Is the only 4×4 that somehow doesn’t make you look an w****r. On my ninth one – a great vehicle if you’re prepared to live with its limitations. Like every vehicle it has compromises. Looking forward to the new one in the next few years – will be interesting to see how that comes out – fingers crossed they don’t make an arse of it!


    …that db is lovely, my ideal 110.

    My old 110.


    DB – I tried to contact you about them but failed. So we got one anyway!

    110XS Station Wagon, 5 seats, 57 plate, Tonga Green, checker plated up and a few other goodies – love it!

    Current designs for the new one look rather ropey to me – like a Jap sift roader gone wrong. We shall see.

    Drove the BM for a first time in two weeks after driving the 110 non stop – it felt like a rocket with a TINY turning circle! But love both.

    Took a mobile phone pic of ours (on the right) next to a mates one this weekend – interesting how different the TD5s are:

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