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  • duntmatter

    Four of us are flying into New Orleans in late March, and flying out of Nashville 8 days later, driving between the two. We’re going to go to Memphis along the way, and Graceland and Dollywood will be included too.

    What are the things we can’t miss, and the things we should miss along the way?

    Any suggestions about amazing Man v Food style diners, Bourbon filled bars or strange backwater discoveries much appreciated. Horror stories also!


    Did a similar trip (just in the opposite direction) about 15 years ago with a couple of mates, and had a great time.

    We all loved Nashville and Memphis (especially Graceland), Clarksdale and Vicksburg were *interesting*, while N’awlins was sadly just like Blackpool, but with better food. And we still chuckle about a few things that happened, like the lass serving in the Wendy’s (IIRC) in Clarksdale who asked if we were a band – unfortunately my mate just said it would be a very sad band if it had us in it, so we didn’t get to sign any autographs (or get free burgers 🙄 ). In the parking lot outside, we then got accosted by a couple of folks who, after checking the plates on the hire car, proudly declared “Ah, North Carolina, we thought we recognised the accent.” So, North Carolinians obviously speak broad Lankyshire… 😕 Finally in Vicksburg, can’t remember the name of the bar, but they served the biggest, hottest, most awesomest Buffalo Wings I have ever eaten. When a spot of trouble broke out in the parking lot, the barmaid reached under the bar and brought out what definitely appeared to us to be a genuine Luger pistol. Things quietened down pretty quickly… 😯

    Have a great time, just watch out for the strange, dark-suited man standing at the crossroads!!! 8)


    keep me updated. Planning on going to Nashville in Oct. Sounds mega…


    you’ve got the shorts for it presumably, daisy?


    Ace, Checking out Vicksburg and Clarksdale now, cheers.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    We did a similar trip some 15 yrs or so ago. Flew into some airport in mid-Florida and drove around The Bay towards New Orleans.
    The main thing that i remember is a dichotomy – how friendly the average American can be and yet how insular and unwelcoming some can be as well.
    We had a great time in a little town called Destin on the Florida panhandle, yet a few days later my mate and i were threatened with a gun in a bar in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach Alabama for simply not being from that town. Mind you, when we were in Destin we mentioned to a bunch of Texan ladies that we were planning on driving through Alabama, and even they told us to drive straight through as Alabamans are considered odd and backwards even by other Deep South folk!

    We had a bit of a weird one in New Orleans though…

    The sat. night was one of the lads birthday, so we were out on the booze. We went to a table dancing bar which three of us found pretty boring and offputting to be honest whilst the other two were in their element. The three of us wandered of and found a rock music bar, the othert two stayed in the titty bar.

    Apparently, after a while they fell out of that bar and got into a taxi, told the driver to “take us to where the girls are…”

    Driver duly delivered them to a bar and told them they’d have a good time inside. In they went and at the bar is this stunning (and tall) blonde girl, huge boobs and dressed like the proverbial Daisy Duke (not of this parish!)
    Anyway, Gumpy decided he wanted to have a go and chats to the lass before going off into a back room. The other chap G, buys a beer and thinks “hmm, she was hot”.

    A little while later gumpy comes running out almost in tears, grabs hold of G and attempts to drag him into the street. G, thinking gumpy had been rolled for his cash is ready for a fight (& at 6’3 & 19 stone he’s a bit handy). Gumpy drags him into a taxi and recounts the tale..

    Seems she told him it was the wrong time of the month and would he like to take an alternative approach to penatrative sex…
    Afterwards she rolled over, opened her legs to display what was actually there and said “Your turn now Hun!” 😯 😆

    I found out the next morning whilst swimming in the pool, couldn’t understand why gumpy was so miserable til i was told then i nearly drowned laughing. Gumpy tried to swear us all to silence, of course we went to the nearest internet cafe and e-mailed the rugby club… 8)

    Dunt; can you get me like a little touristy souvenir tat type thing please?

    You know, the kind of small, inexpensive but inoffensive and often quite cute type thing you find in souvenir shops. To go with my growing collection of such tat.

    That type of thing. But something unique to the place you’re going to.

    If you do I will actually love you forever.



    Certainly, Elf.

    I’m thinking something like this..


    Watch ‘My Cousin Vinny’ before you go 🙂


    “Oh, you smooth tawkah.”

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