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  • chojin

    I heard that the later batches of Dulux gloss was lacking a certain chemical and now it yellows after a year.
    Annoying as I’ve just glossed upstairs with the stuff!
    It’s been 4 months and its alright so far though

    Dulux trade is pretty good IMO.Might be a touch more expensive but it’s worth it.


    Craig & Rose paints are very good, in particular their emulsion. You can get them from B&Q.


    Dulux Diamond range is supposed to be good but not cheap IIRC

    Not gloss – but dont get the dulux eco emulsion. Just got a little tub to brighten up my hallway, and its horrid it had settled and took a lot of stirring but still a bit lumpy, went on ok eventually but have now discovered it has a slight odour of old wet dog – really not pleasant!


    Hi guys im going to be doing all the wood work in my house again, I did most of it a couple of years ago and made the mistake of using b and q own brand undercoat and gloss (its now gone yellow)
    So my question is for all you pro decorators out there which gloss, undercoat and also emulsion shall I use for best results
    also any extra tips to achieve a good result welcome
    Thanks in advance


    DO NOT buy cheap paints; they will be made from lots of fillers and thickeners and very little titanium dioxide and other quality additives. There’s a reason why they are cheap and TiO2 is expensive nowadays.

    Go to a Dulux Decorator Centre, get a loyalty card and enjoy the 10% discount. You will also get free, experienced and friendly advice and quality equipment. On the face of it Dulux trade paints look more expensive than the garbage you buy at B&Q and even the Dulux “amateur” paint at B&Q but it’s made for professionals who want to put on two coats not four and who appreciate a paint that can be pulled out along an edge. With the discount this probably works out cheaper in the long run than using cheap paint. It’s certainly less effort and time wasted.

    But some people will always operate on “optical pricing” no matter how many times you tell them. Sigh.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Dulux trade gloss at the very least. But even that appears to have slightly yellowed after a year or so on my skirting boards.

    Exposure to sunlight will keep oil based paint white for much longer. If it’s a dark area, use water based gloss instead which won’t yellow at all..

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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