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  • Please help!!
    Horsethief 3 bargain or a Soul with Fox fork and SLX/XT?
    I’m in Kent near Canterbury and mostly ride here, not exactly the alps around here!

    I have a HT 29er, admittedly I’ve only ridden it twice as it’s a wee bit wet here. I owned a Soul for a short time, I did love that bike but gave in to the temptation of a half price ST4 frame, I regretted that from day 1.

    Horsethief owners I’d like to hear about them please.

    Premier Icon nuke

    Having pondered your predicament for several minutes whilst making my tea, my best advice would be give the HT 29er a few more rides.

    My workings:
    He rides mostly in Kent: Horsethief would be overkill, if he’d said Spearfish, that would have been trickier but thats not on cheap. So the Soul would suit best…but then he has a HT 29er he’s only ridden twice so why bother getting 26er HT, for now at least?

    :edit: Spearfish is also on for as cheap as the Horsethief. My original answer still stands but I’d consider the Spearfish


    Where are these deals?

    I was holding out for a 650b rocket to be ultra trendy.

    However it feels like spring is in the air ,the weather has changed and 26 inches will do for cheap.



    Comparing chalk and cheese I would suggest. Think about how you’ll be using it, then ask yourself why up haven’t been riding the 29er hardtail. Both lovely bikes, but it may be that neither are ideal.


    For huge all day epics and easier terrain I would say the Salsa for its comfort factors. For maximum fun and technical awesomeness at the slight expense of all day comfort then definitely the Cotic. also the fact that you loved the Soul and don’t really like your 29er HT sounds like this shouldn’t even be a question.

    Thanks for the replies guys. It was the ST4 that I didn’t like, however I have just been out for a ride on the 29er and I must say I like it 🙂 I didn’t ride it due to too much rain, that’s my excuse anyway!

    I think you are right to be honest. I chose the horsethief over the Spearfish due to fit really. I’m short but with a long torso so the small Horsethief would be perfect in fit, apart from it being maybe too much bike.


    Man, I did love that Soul but I didn’t realise how much until after I sold it 🙁 I might stick a Solaris into the mix as I’m preferring the 29″. There’s nothing wrong with the Boardman 29er I bought but, being a shallow brand whore I sort of feel a bit embarrassed to ride it after having high end bikes. Stupid and shallow I know but true.

    Premier Icon nuke

    I chose the horsethief over the Spearfish due to fit really. I’m short but with a long torso so the small Horsethief would be perfect in fit, apart from it being maybe too much bike.

    Similar to me and I’m also looking for a similar bike. Personally the Salsa deals are bargains if they fit you well and suit your riding…I was tempted but I know neither the Spearfish or Horsethief will be ‘right’ for me. I’d suggest having a look at the Whyte M109 or T129 but the 2013 models (They have lengthened the seattubes and shortened the top tubes for 2014)…short seatubes and long toptubes plus nice sort chainstays. Check out the geometry in the brochure here:
    Holding out for second hand ones coming up now thats the problem 🙁

    Mmmm I like the T129

    Premier Icon granny_ring

    OP if you didn’t know UK bike store by Cant bus station or the bike shop in Faversham (cant remember the name) are the nearest Whyte dealers.
    Quite like the T129 too…..


    I’ve been in the garage most of today sprucing up my Soul with 1×10 and new wheels ready for tomorrow. I havent been out for a couple of months and cant wait. I think I can honestly say that I can ride that thing for hours and hourd all around Wales and never come home feeling battered or bruised and ditched an ex8 for it. Best decision I ever made!


    Horsethief! Love mine. It has taken everything I’ve thrown at it.

    Premier Icon leo72

    I ride a lot with my Cotic Soul, all day epics have always been a joy. It has comfort even on +4 hour rides and likes to be ridden hard. I have a fullsus also, but the rides on the Soul do have a little more soul. 😉


    Premier Icon iain1775

    Keep the 29er HT
    Forget about getting either bike you mention and snap up the Salsa Veya or Warbird on that Billy’s link
    Have something that’s more challenging to ride on some of your local bridleways but great on the roads that link them, you still have the MTB for everything else

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Deep down you know the answer…..


    Anything else now will not scratch the itch.

    If I’d got mine before I acquired a Tallboy C, I would have one less bike and a slightly less confused wife…….


    Transfer all the bits from your 29er to an El Mariachi – best of both worlds!

    Brilliant bikes, I love mine.


    ride what you’ve got before you worry about what to buy next.

    Premier Icon righog

    I LOVE buying new stuff, it’s all part of fun, new bikes especially.

    But the advice I would give you on your current problem is as follows.

    Ride What you have got.

    Ride it until the rear cassette looks like a set of Ninja throwing stars.

    Ride until the front fork makes horrible squelchy noises.

    Ride until the saddle looks like bag of rags.

    Then get a new bike.


    I have a Solaris and a HF, both are good. HT probably better in all this filth although the Solaris doesn’t have the best mud clearance in the world. The HF does have reasonably long chain stays so not quite as nimble on the smooth stuff but then when it gets bumpy it’s of course much better. I run a 35mm stem on mine, both frames are quite long in the top tube as it happens

    If you have been barely riding due to the weather then perhaps leave it a while and get out more on the 29HT you already own although those cheap HF bargains will probably go soon. See how you get on riding a HT more often then decide if you want full suss again as things dry up (LOL dry up? sigh)

    Oh and I also had a Spearfish originally, that would probably be the best of both worlds for you, but, I sold mine as I couldn’t get on with the short front centre especially when combined with size 13 feet and using flat pedals, the odd toe tap incident and it just felt too tucked under on the slow steep twisty bits.

    Nothing wrong with “cheap” unfasionable bikes either. I have a Boardman road bike as it happens, couldn’t care less what other people think, it was a bargain and does what I need. I’ve had Santa Cruz’s, 2 Lapieres etc but a cheap Scandal 29er was one of my best bikes as it just fitted so well, that’s the most important thing, no point having a mega expensive bike if it only looks good in the car park but doesn’t ride how you want.

    Thanks for all of the great advice that you have taken the time to give me. I am going to go out on the bike again today and enjoy it for what it is and take it from there.

    I have decided that swapping the parts onto a Solaris isn’t worthwhile, I think I’d be better off having two different bikes really as it would be about £750 to do that and the Boardman frame wouldn’t get me much back.

    I have also decided that the Soul would be a bit pointless as it’s too similar, being a hardtail.

    I think if I do decide to get something, I should keep what I have, which in all honesty is a decent riding and spec’d bike and get a FS alongside it.

    I’ll report back after today’s ride 🙂

    Thanks again guys.


    I’m not feeling the Spearfish I’m afraid, maybe an Anthem 29 if it was that sort of bike but I think I’d go for something else.

    Well, I rode and still enjoyed it so it must be a keeper! Pretty much undecided on the bike thing but at least I’m enjoying what I have and can be in the wife’s good books for once 🙂

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