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    Firstly, I’m glad you’re able to ride again 🙂

    my 2p – if the ok one is ‘ok enough’ then leave it alone for now – there’s always a risk that surgery will make it worse and you might be better waiting until it really needs doing before going down that route.

    Given that you seem to be making some progress maybe you shoudl enjoy it while you can?

    Yeah, I have a month until I see the surgeon again, so I’ll see what happens, its just that if suregery is going to happen at some point why wait?

    Just been out on my mtb for a quick 50min ride, had a great time. This is pretty much the second time I’ve done a ride like it in the last 5 years due to hip problems. I’ve had 3 ops to get me this far as well as a steriod injection in the right hip about a month ago. Been slowly building up the riding since then. (this is what I’ve got: ). So all good yet the hip that had 2 lots of surgery (last one at easter) is much better, in fact its great, the other one isnt as good but OK. Should I go for broke and get the other one done again or make the best of what I’ve got? Who knows how long the good one will remain good, if I leave it I could be missing out on having two good hips or I could waste some of the time its good for whilst the other heals from the op.

    If any of that makes sense to anyone please let me know what you think.

    no more views? Come on you bunch of opinionated, argumentative bike riders.

    Come on you bunch of opinionated, argumentative bike riders.

    That’s soooo last week, dahling.



    How old are you – this question towards determining if a hip replacement might be the way forward.

    On this, those three people I know who have had hip replacements saw such changes in their mobility / lives that they wished they’d had them done sooner.

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    See how it goes, get the other one done when the weather turns really crap. Re-emerge in the spring as a riding god.

    I’m 38 so hip replacements are seen as a real last resort at the moment

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    My dad (65) recently had a knee replacement (again, first one was about your age) mobility immediately after the 2nd one was miles better, surgery is improving all the time. I would agree with others, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. How long are they expected to last these days? My dads first knee was way past its ‘replacement date’. What’s the chances your hip will need another replacement?

    The younger you have a replacement the quicker you wear them out.

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    if surgery is inevitable i would do it sooner, rather than later.
    if surgery is by no means certain, or you may be able to last a couple of years, i would wait.
    basically avoid surgery as long as possible.
    live every moment bro.


    Is the increased risk of osteoarthritis due to repeated operations acceptable to you? There will be one, I dont know what it is, but you might want to find out if you dont already know.

    I dont think i need to worry about osteoarthritus its what i have already have. The ops are being done to reduce it.

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