Decent Welsh beers to try…

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  • Decent Welsh beers to try…
  • fifo

    Literally anything from Great Orme.

    Premier Icon toofarwest

    I can see Castle Gate Brewery from my office window, Merlin’s own or Towy Gold would be my suggestion.


    Brains and Felinfoel? Drink lager instead instead – horrible stuff.

    Nah, Felinfoel double dragon is a decent cask ale if you like a traditional style. The bottled version is pretty forgettable though.


    wild horse brewery in Conwy

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    Untappd is a great tool for finding the best beers & pubs in an unfamiliar location! It’s live data crowdsourced from drinkers so (assuming they don’t run out before you get there!) you know what you’re gonna get and how good (they think) it is!

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    +1 for Purple Moose and Tiny Rebel

    Also try Glamorgan Brewery Cwrw Gorslas

    Premier Icon dove1

    Tiny Rebel make some awesome pale ales. If he is in the Newport or Cardiff areas there are 3 Tiny Rebel bars he can try:

    Tiny Rebel bar, Cardiff

    Tiny Rebel bar, Newport

    Tiny Rebel Brewery, Newport.

    Further West in Pembrokeshire the new Tenby Harbour Brewery are making some nice beers.

    I will also go contrary to the nay-sayers and recommend Brains SA and SA Gold. They are mass produced but still good.

    Premier Icon WildHunter2009

    Am a big big fan of pretty much everything Tiny Rebel make, that cwtch is lovely. Weirdly my local-ish in Croydon also seems to love them and always has at least one or two on tap.


    After a visit to the beer shop in bala straight to the top of the charts.

    Tomos a lilford – vale of glamorgan

    Premier Icon Lord Summerisle

    very partial to Dark Side of the Moose and portmeirion’s Beer No. 6

    deffo not a fan of Portmeirion’s Architects Ale – far too hoppy.  couldnt finish the bottle.  Like drinking a pint of Brewdog IPA. Horrid


    Brains beer, specifically SA, is what non-Welsh people think that Welsh people like

    The beer snobbery is strong on this one lol. Brains beers are hugely popular around the Cardiff area. A well kept SA or  bitter are very much my drink of choice. Some of the “home brews” mentioned are OK, but loads prefer a more finished taste.

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