Decent routes near Midsomer Norton area

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  • Decent routes near Midsomer Norton area
  • coffeeking

    Are there any regulars here who live in this area. I’m trying to help someone find places to ride that are fairly nippy, of various lengths but none too much of a slog. The rider who hasnt touched a bike in 5 years but was very fast, skilled and was spoilt by alpine fun, doesnt get much time to search or meet people, but would like to get back into MTBing again so I thought I’d do some legwork for him.

    Any ideas, specifically if there are any routes online (such as on bikely) would go down very well. Obviously he can drive to a few places but he wants an evening jaunt or two. He’s not one for specifically made jumps etc if that rules a few places out.

    Any help appreciated!

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    doesn’t john nettles live there?


    I dont know, and with the whole forum-outage I cant even search 🙁

    you are spoilt for routes in that area (having lived nearby all my life)

    for starters try

    Greyfield wood nr highlittleton.

    valice woods nr great elm frome

    top of burrington coombe on both sides


    Thanks for those – we rode in greyfield a few times (he used to live in high littleton) but its on the small scale, some fun trails in it though. I think he stopped riding in there because they went all anti-bike in there? He got chased a few times IIRC. I’ll have a peek at them on google maps and see if I can spot them for next time I’m down there.

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