Decent cycling clothing for ladies

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  • Decent cycling clothing for ladies
  • Premier Icon Mary Hinge

    Wife’s birthday coming up. She’s starting to ride more and wants some better kit.

    She wants sleeveless jersey with pockets, in a nice, feminine ish but not pink design.

    Plus shorts, but not bibs.

    Any where I should be looking.

    Would be good if there were some stock somewhere to try on as fit is important. We are in mid Wales but don’t mid a day out in Cardiff, Bristol, Worcester, North Wales if there is anywhere with good stock.

    And….is there a girlie specific chamois cream?



    Jerseys… torm?

    Never seen a womens one but they’re nice jersey.

    Bibs. An ex of mine had halter neck shorts which made a pee in a hedge waaaay easier!

    Dhb aeron aor eg.

    Premier Icon Pook

    Findra and Flare do nice stuff

    Premier Icon lunge

    My wife loves the Decathlon stuff, nice colours and the kit is really good quality too. Not mega expensive either, plus you can try it on in store.

    Premier Icon kilo

    Vanderkitten do quite funky stuff, Mrs Kilo rates it. Tapas and assos for shorts

    Premier Icon kilo

    Rapha rather than tapas in my last post

    Premier Icon fathomer

    My wife is a bib convert having discovered the Endura’s that have what I think is called the drop seat. Basically a zip that runs across the bum/lower back allowing for easy toilet access.

    Premier Icon Esme

    A good range of women’s cycling stuff?  I don’t think such a shop exists in the UK!

    I now buy online, in a couple of sizes, in the hope that one of them actually fits.

    Bike24 has an excellent selection (188 sleeveless tops). It’s a German online retailer (bought last year by Wiggle), and I’ve always had very good service from them.

    It’s also worth keeping an eye on the Sport Pursuit sales, as they sometimes have nice women’s clothing. Free returns if you use PayPal, I believe.

    Premier Icon pyranha

    Terry Bicycles do some nice things, but I don’t know that much is available in the UK.  I did buy a Sun Goddess top (Union Jack design – only available from US) a few years ago for my wife, as a present shortly after she started riding – I was prepared for the duty etc

    Then, there’s and I know there’s another women’s gear shop, but I just can’t bring it to mind.


    Velovixen are a ladies specific website.

    My friend really rates the DHB ladies range too as being good and well priced (like the mens i guess) and also has a lot of the ladies Chapeau gear

    Premier Icon Mary Hinge

    Some great suggestions there, plenty Ive not even heard of. Cheers all.

    @kilo – love the Tapas auto correct 🙂


    Mrs M’s a big fan of Flare stuff –

    It’s nice kit, I must say.

    Both Madison & Endura’s women-specific gear is really nice too and well worth a look.


    Mrs Daern loves Liv and, more especially, Scott clothing. She has always rated the fit and quality of Scott’s women’s range over any others she has had. Not always easy to find in-store, so we tend to pick it up online when it appears at a decent price.


    My wife has a lovely Torm jersey. I’m very jealous. It’s the same as this one.

    She also really likes her Galibier shorts, Morvelo bibs and Endura jerseys & jackets.

    Scott make some nice kit too.

    Premier Icon Yak

    I have some Torm jerseys. Great kit, if a bit warm right now like all sportwool stuff.

    Mrs Yak mostly has sleaved jerseys – some club stuff and some Altura, dbh, trek. All seem ok. Not sure about sleeveless though. Wouldn`t be allowed if your wife enters a race though.

    Baggies – Endura ladies stuff is good.

    Female chamois cream? No idea. A nice minty tingle is the same for both sexes I would have thought?

    Premier Icon psling

    And….is there a girlie specific chamois cream?

    Charlie the Bikemonger’s Bum Butter is claimed to be female friendly; my daughter uses it and is complimentary about it.

    Big fan of Hoo Haa Ride Glide for a women specific chamois cream. Probably partly for the name and the packaging.


    mrs T-R likes castellli shorts. for non bib variety (for touring and stuff)

    She how ever much prefers bibs with the QR halter neck for almost everything that isnt touring .

    chamois buttr HER is the cream of choice apparently.

    Premier Icon wallop

    When I want a treat I head to the Rapha Archive store in Shepton Mallet. Big discounts, lovely kit.

    For MTB I like Maloja, Race Face and Findra.

    For nice sleeveless jerseys check out Kandesent, they are lovely.

    Premier Icon TheGingerOne

    My other half recommends DHB and DotOut at the moment

    Premier Icon igm

    If it’s your/her thing, Assos are selling winter kit cheap(er) at their Regent St shop.

    60% off the jacket I got.

    Not sure what all is in.

    That said, Castelli and Cycology for my wife.

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